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When I can’t control my hormones…

The odd thing about being a working girl is that I crave sex almost all the time (well, ‘good’ and meaningful sex). Somedays I may see several clients, and after and in between sessions I sometimes masturbate. I’ve observed that my body is more aroused at certain times of the month than others. For instance, I peak about 10 days after my period. That’s where I am at now.

The last three days I’ve gone crazy with some of my clients. I have a few favorites. In my city there has been an influx of international students from the Gulf (Saudi Arabia). All of them are under thirty, with the majority being under 25. For the first time in years I’ve been infatuated with men who are young like me. Previously I assumed young guys are too immature, but I find myself loving their innocence.

The Saudis love me. To them I am the epitome of an Arabian beauty. After all I have long, thick black hair, big almond eyes, olive skin, full lips, and a very curvaceous sexy body. I’m very vain with them because I know I’m like a goddess for them…and I flaunt it.

So last night, I invited a client (the Sheik) over to my home. He’s an international student, and mid-twenties. I have been seeing him for a several months now. It took me about 2 months to remember his name, because I kept confusing him with the other Saudi boys I met. Recently, I have been very passionate with him and we are becoming quite intimate. I’m sure he must’ve met me when I was working on a day when my hormones were raging. I usually make lots of tips and avid regulars when I work during those times. More than once I end up crossing my limits …and end up kissing a client or two passionately.

In previous bookings this particular client has never made me come. Most of the young Saudi boys are inexperienced with sex, but they are very eager to learn and please– what makes me aroused. Almost all of them are dying to kiss passionately, which isn’t something I normally do. But last night, him and I kissed quite a bit. We had sex the first time, and collapsed in each others arms until our hormones called each other for a second round. He started touching my body, and his touch brought out the silky saturation from down below. And then, I ended up coming with him! It was intense and so intimate. He tipped me more than usual…which made me even more happy because I was not expecting it.

On Friday I had delicious sex with another favorite client of mine. Let’s call him Mr.Zee. He’s older..around mid-30’s…and is the epitome of ‘manly’ (which I love). Tall, dark, and handsome fit his description well. We met about 4 months ago…and his touch has me craving him at times. He licks me from head to toe, kissing my whole body, but the way he does it makes me melt. The sad part is that he is married, and it makes me angry that such a lovely man is constantly cheating his wife. For this reason I’ve often told myself that I will stop seeing him. Most clients ARE married and while it bothers me I try not to think about it. But with him, it’s different. The sex we have isn’t business….it’s intimate. When he comes, he holds me afterwards in his arms…like lovers do. For this reason, I feel terrible…..because he is not just cheating with some random escort – he’s loving her body and giving her pleasure.

I used to think that I’d rather have a man CHEAT with a prostitute rather than have an affair. Right? Because at least with an escort everything is assumed to be STRICTLY business. But it’s not true. Most married clients want true intimacy with me. They don’t just want a quick penetration…….most sweet married men want all the intimate things: kissing, performing oral sex on me, making me orgasm, etc. Some of these ‘sweet’ married men even ask if they can lick and kiss my bum! I could not even imagine the man I love doing such things with another woman. It would bother me immensely if I found out a man I loved was sucking another woman’s pussy and tasting her juices rather than simply just quickly fucking her.

So yes, I considered to start ignoring Mr. Zee because there is too much emotion (and it makes me feel horrible for his poor wife). Yet I am conflicted because I LOVE having sex with him. Morally it would be better if he fucked me quickly and left, right? But it’s those other acts that drive me wild with him. The kissing,….the way he goes down on me and makes me so wet. He makes love to me just how my ex did…..slow, but will be rough when I command him to do so.

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