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Is it better to be the Mistress or the Wife?

Oh..the married clients.. Well, I saw a client I’ll call ‘Jason’ the other evening. We meet on a monthly basis. He is a client who’s sole purpose is to see me orgasm. The great thing about being a private escort is that I can choose the men whom I want to see. Jason is one of few that I enjoy seeing for not only money but because I know I will be pleasured.

There are different levels of men who like to pleasure women: the ones whom assume they know how to please a woman (which is rather annoying), and the ones who seek to pleasure a woman by taking her direction (in other words they ask her what she likes!). Jason is great. He is willing to do whatever I want, however I want, and for however long I want him too. The fact he is rather attractive, very polite, impectably hygenic drives me to surrender my body to his lips. He loves to lick, taste, and does so with care…..and best of all, he sticks with what my body responds too. But apart from that, I have no other feelings for him. After all, he is married. He tells me he does the exact same thing for his wife lovingly: licking her until she melts on his face. While I greedily allow him to do it, I feel horrible at the same time.

Men like Jason make me question: which is better? Is it better to be the wife who gets pleased by her husband and her husband wants to perform the same acts on other women…. OR be the mistress (such as myself) who is paid for pleasure, but without attachment or commitment. Of course, wives hate women like me. And I don’t blame them. I empathize with the wives of cheating husbands. If we could only realize that we’re actually on the same boat. There is no real difference. However, the wives get the luxury of security, and best of all the prize position of bearing the children of that man. Whereas me, I have a shelf-limit….I may be his mistress, and while I may get lavished with gifts and money at the end of the day I am left without emotional importance.

I imagine being a wife of an unfaithful man…a woman who gets all the so-called benefits of having a man around: security, love, and a family —  only to find her husband finding his sexual gratification elsewhere. In my case, as the mistress, I am just  a “number.”   That’s what I feel like today, for no particular reason. I am the insignificant, and the wife is the significant other.

I used to long to be a wife…until I was engaged and got a taste of the domestic life of a woman. I constantly wondered if he was desiring other women. I would remember my old clients, and my realizations would make tarnish my trust with men even more. I remember meeting a man a few months ago, who wanted to pleasure me so passionately. He said his wife was heavily pregnant and about to give birth. WHY!? He was a lovely man to me, but…WHY, why did he have to cheat on his pregnant wife? Couldn’t he just wait a few months? Oh, men…they anger me. Yet I know women can be just as worse. I’ve often wondered if my ex and I got back together: could I be faithful to him?


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