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I am thankful for the all hurt and pain I have experienced. The betrayals, the lies, the rejection, the abuse, the harm. I am grateful for it all. How can that be? The passion in me, in every sense, is from wounds.

Pain- All the setbacks that happened have made me a deep thinker. It makes me self reflect. It humbles me. It makes me lessen my ego. It gives me character. It makes me think about others instead of myself. It makes me remember what is important in life – humanity. It instills my humanity. If that’s what pain does to me ..isn’t this truly beautiful?

Pain is necessary. The beauty of it is realized later. It’s scary too. The hardest task is patience. One must feel and endure pain in all its entirety (without resorting to numbing it). In the long term, it cleanses. I don’t numb. I don’t escape it. I feel it raw. There are tears. There is hurt. There is fear. But with time and determination, it transforms. Rejuvenation.

Humble me. Keep me grounded when I become to arrogant. I am grateful for this. I understand that I was meant to be one who feels and thinks deeply. Even though this, healing, is a life long process, I accept my fate.

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