Plastic Surgery in the Sex Industry: An Escort’s Insight


Fun Fact: A lot of escorts/strippers and other kinds of sex workers have undergone plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements. It’s very common for an escort to have breast implants, lip injections, eyelash extensions, fake tans, fake hair, and depending on what part of the world you are in, a big fake ass.

My first day working in a brothel was mesmerizing. All the girls were done up glamourously. At least half had fake boobs, almost all had artificially plumped lips and hair extensions. And then walks in me, a shy 19 year old girl who has had nothing done.

And just over a decade later….it’s perhaps shocking that I haven’t had any surgery or enhancements yet. In fact, I’ve essentially had the same look during my entire career as escort. I will explain why later below..

Girls get enhancements because they want to be a fantasy girl for their clients (and prospective men/clients). One cannot deny that most men turn their heads or even may walk into a pole upon seeing a sexy woman, especially if she has breasts or a butt that are well accentuated. I have previously mentioned on my blog that clients come to see escorts as an “escape” from the stresses of real life. For many clients, their fantasy is to be with a woman who differs from the “everyday” woman. Escorts, for instance, dress up in high heels, lingerie, soft or full glam makeup, and, often with the help of plastic surgery, many escorts also have exaggerated feminine body parts.

Having said that, clients all have different versions of what makes the ideal ‘fantasy girl.’ Not everyone idealizes the stereotypical vixen look. Some clients are into natural or more ‘everyday’ looks in women. I had a client who once requested me to dress down into comfortable clothing rather than my usual lingerie and heels attire. Generally, all men have different tastes and desires. This means that women should, ideally, try to feel content being themselves rather than resorting to plastic surgery to conform to today’s beauty ideals.

I made a plethora of observations when I used to work in a brothel many years back. Usually 10-20 girls would stand in a line up and a client would pick a girl. I learnt that all sorts of women are desired for different reasons. Ladies with overt feminine assets, however, tended to be more popular in getting chosen in line ups. Endowed breasts, a beautiful face, a nice hair style, a nice bum and nice skin were traits that were frequently preferred. A pretty faced woman with small breasts or very petite frame could also do well. Sometimes assets like breast size were not as important to certain clients who had race preferences. For instance, men with “Asian fever” might have a preference for black hair and Asian facial features, or might prefer a certain race for cultural and social familiarity.

Many escorts believe if they had bigger lips, bigger boobs, and a smaller waist, for instance, they will attract more men. They make this assumption based off observing how men behaved in the presence of a sexy woman who had traits considered highly desirable. So these escorts decide to go under the knife and pay for other beauty enhancements to attract more male attention. These days, its almost the norm to see an escort who with breast implants, injected plump lips, heavy sultry makeup, and now, even fake butts and snatched waists from liposuction. Is it a good idea for escorts to get plastic surgery? Are you a woman thinking about plastic surgery? I will answer that later in this article…

And what about boring ol’ me?


I was 19 years old, and it was my first day working in an brothel. Shy and nervous, completely innocent. When I first walked in the ladies room, I was mesmerized by the girls who worked there. They all had designer handbags, long hair, lovely bodies, beautiful make up, healthy tans and pretty lingerie. For my first shift, I had prepared by buying a new pair of sexy clear high heels, a turquoise lace baby doll over a matching bra and thong. I felt completely unglamorous compared to the other girls. But once I dressed up, and went in my first line up, I was shocked that I, completely naive and clueless, was popular. I then realized how blessed I was to be naturally sexy. I was a fantasy girl. It took minimal effort for me to attract clients. It’s not that I was or am exceptionally beautiful. But I have exotic features, a buxom physique, a pretty face and an overall a “sexy” girl-next-door look. I have natural physical assets that other women sometimes pay for. I have big natural breasts and a bum. I am consider voluptuous, neither skinny nor fat.

Salma-Hayek-SultrySince then, I’ve maintained the same look and never felt a need so far to change anything drastically (that can change, however). While in escort mode, I have also maintained the same style. I wear tight, elegant lingerie with ample cleavage, sexy heels, do my nails, do sultry makeup. From a young age, I’ve always loved exotic women with a natural sexiness and often looked to them for inspiration. One of my favorite looks is Salma Hayek in From Dusk Till Dawn — dark red lips, dark hair, gold anklets and jewelry.

So is Sahar flawless? No. Like most people, I have physical flaws. My nose could be smaller, my waist could be smaller. I definitely have to be mindful of what I eat, as I gain weight easily. I am also aging in visible ways. Indeed, these flaws induce feelings of insecurities at times. But, for now, I am grateful for my flaws and see them as a positive rather than negative. Any naturally busty woman with some hips will have a bit of a tummy and thighs. Big natural breasts also cannot defy gravity and as such will sag a bit. In the Western world, many women are obsessed with perky boobs and flat tummies. If I did some nip/tuck, I might convince myself that I’ll attain some sort of ‘perfection.’  The thing is, I kind of like my flaws, such as my soft tummy. It matches my body, it makes everything look proportioned. I have had lovers and clients who adore my soft tummy and thick thighs. I had lovers/clients who said I look even sexier during the times I put on 10-15 lbs than my normal weight. I even learnt that some men with big natural boob fetishes are overjoyed with the natural sagging and stretch marks that often come with the package.

Throughout my career, I became curious as to what asset or trait, specifically, attracted my clients. I usually ask clients, “So, why did you come to see me? Are you into big boobs? Pretty Ethnic women? The whole package? Many do indeed come for my curvy assets, but there are many other reasons. Some men say they like the way I spoke, wrote and conducted myself on my website, as I seemed “sophisticated.” Some come because of my ethnicity — they like the beauty of women from a certain region. Some come for my feet, or perhaps services I offer, such as role-play or domination. Some even come just for the way I smell! I discovered a few clients are not even boob men, but said they love my face. But overall, most clients say they enjoy my personality. The point is, the true desirability of a woman is a combination of beauty and brains.

The bottom line is two things:

  1. A woman is desirable for many things beyond her looks. Physical beauty is essential, but personality is crucial in keeping decent clientele returning.
  2. No woman can ever be perfect and attract every man, period. Perfection does not exist. For one man, big boobs and ass is their ideal, but for another man, a less curvy slim woman is their ideal. Over all, most decent men seek to establish an emotional/mental connection in addition to physical attraction. Decent men know that there is much more to a woman than her bodily assets alone.

All women need to realize the most sexiest thing a woman can have is confidence. Confidence comes from feeling comfortable in your skin, and accepting yourself (flaws and all). What’s considered a “flaw” by one is considered beautiful by another. Beauty is all about perspective. As an escort, I have seen all sorts of women be desired for a variety reasons — confidence is always what has men coming back for more as a regular client. So the question remains…..

Should an Escort (or Any Woman) Get Plastic Surgery?


I am not against plastic surgery, but I am not an advocate for it either. It depends on the procedure one is getting and the reasonings for it.

What if the reason to get plastic surgery is vanity? Ideally, I’d advise against plastic surgery. I would advise one to work on their self-esteem, and stop comparing themselves to trends or people in society. A lot of the social media figures/models often do not even look like their own photos — there is a lot of deception on TV and on social media. Photoshop and Apps like Facetune can turn an average looking woman into a perfectly shaped hour glass model, and moreover conceal the scars/flaws/complications from plastic surgery. There are a lot of complications from plastic surgery and also long term, possibly dire, consequences. It’s also important to note that big businesses purposely wants people to dislike themselves and buy things to make them feel worthy (celebs and social media influencers get paid to endorse/push this narrative through advertising).

The reality is: A lot of escorts get work done under the assumption it will bring in more work ($$$). Indeed an escort isn’t wrong in wanting to invest into herself to get ahead, but is plastic surgery necessary in getting ahead? The question one needs to ask is this: will plastic surgery be good for her in the long term? I have mixed feelings about it, because I have seen many escorts get plastic surgery and due to their self esteem issues they end up attracting bad clients/partners (which is usually followed by a heavy partying lifestyle, more plastic surgery and the end result looking crazy). On the other hand, I have seen escorts who did moderate cosmetic work and were fine. And of course, a natural woman who takes care of herself can do well too.

Cosmetic alternations are very common these days. It’s due to living in a climate where women are under immense pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. Many men also have become brainwashed through pop culture and porn to have unrealistic expectations of women.

Instead of plastic surgery, one can work on improving their self esteem by eating healthy, exercising and surrounding themselves with genuine, wholesome people. At the end of the day, people feel content when they feel loved and belong. Plastic surgery will not solve deeper issues of low self esteem and the need the be loved. Plastic surgery may give one attention, but it’s often attention from people who only care about superficial traits in other people. If one absolutely feels they must get cosmetic enhancements, then I can only suggest to be moderate. Everyone has the right to do what they like with their body. The importance is finding a balance between mind, body and soul. 

Again, not all attention is good attention. Attention for being viewed as sexy is often shallow. In the long run, it’s not a great feeling to get attention solely for superficial things. Or maybe it’s just me. My soul craves depth, and I want to be seen as more than just a sex object.

Having plastic surgery as an escort WILL change the type of men/clients you attract.

When getting plastic surgery (depending on how extreme it is), an escort must realize their new look will change how men are attracted to them (and treat them). In escorting, there some clients do not like plastic surgery, some whom are indifferent to it, and then some who like it. Moderate plastic surgery that looks natural and proportioned is usually more acceptable among the diverse pool of men/clients. But excessive, overt plastic surgery (obvious breast implants, big fake lips, etc) are usually desired by the worst kind of men (aka dusty’s, creeps, fuckboys, soulless types). For the most part, decent men are not big fans of the extreme plastic look. And if they are do show interest, it’s for very shallow reasons (ie: a one-time-only curiosity).

In my “Types of Clients” post, I wrote about a type of client who has the “Madonna-Whore Complex.” This type of client goes for the ‘cosmetically enhanced barbie doll’ with very large breast implants, large lips, etc. He likes this type of woman because he preys on the low self-esteem that caused these women to turn themselves into sex dolls. He takes advantage of their poor self-worth and treats them like trash. He see’s them as the epitome of a whore, in a derogatory sense. He wants to fuck them aggressively and cares little for their comfort or needs. He usually fucks once, and then is onto the next. I have seen many pretty “barbie” types be treated very poorly men — these kind of women succeed in attracting shallow, naive or dusty men, but sadly deter (distance) themselves from meeting with wholesome, decent men. This happens because these women invest everything into their looks at the expense of developing a personality (personality is important for wholesome, decent men).

I feel sad for these kinds of girls, because as mentioned, they are magnets for men who literally see them as an object. These type of escorts unfortunately are usually lost women who became exploited by a pimp or were severely harmed by male lover. As an escort, they attract party clients (aka coke-heads), shallow types who want a temporary trophy, and aggressive men (the “Madonna-Whore Complex’ type). Often, these women end up doing a lot of party drugs to cope with the empty feeling of being extremely emotionally neglected — they are trapped in being the exaggerated fantasy woman and lost their true self in the process. This description is not intended to hate or judge these women –I worked with many of these girls and noticed these patterns and the clients they attracted.  There is hope in all situations for all people. A woman who went down this route of extreme vanity can still heal from her pain and change the dynamics in her life.

In essence, any lady who is considering surgical enhancements needs to think about the physical, emotional and social consequences.



Ladies: What are your thoughts? Have you had work done? Would you or would you not promote plastic surgery? 

Men: What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? 


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5 responses to “Plastic Surgery in the Sex Industry: An Escort’s Insight

  1. dingo

    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for the email!


  2. Akbar Khan

    Sadly……………………a lot to say…….but I opt for not commenting. Best wishes and personal regards for the blogger though.

  3. As a man in his 60’s, I have avoided young girls, preferring to go to older escorts who I can relate to and communicate better with. One lady I frequent in her 40’s has boobs that droop a bit and does not hide her age. But her boobs have lovely erect and sensitive nipples.
    The reason why I still see her is that she gives me a great reception when I arrive, dressed for the occasion, and I feel that she genuinely likes to see me. Sex with her is lots of fun as well. And she has an invisible bonus – her pussy has the ability to rhythmically contract, which is an amazing feeling for me. So, it is not all at first glance. There is a lot more than meets the eye.
    And then we have great conversation afterwards.

  4. Sahar, your posts are always so interesting and thought provoking.
    I relate to your perspective. The popularity of the cosmetic surgery industry baffles me. I would never even consider getting any kind of treatment.
    I am privileged in the sense that my body is naturally curvy in the right places like yours, with full breasts and round hips. There is a confidence in my femininity that comes from having a body that feels highly feminine to inhabit. At times I have sought to imagine what it would be like not to be blessed in this way. To go through life with a flat chest, a flat butt. I would be a different person entirely. Perhaps I might long for the plushness of curves, which only surgery could provide.
    Yet like you I am a deep person and outward physical appearance is not the most important thing to me. I grew up an ugly duckling, and so my mind, my personality, my creativity, my gifts, my spirituality, etc. have always been more interesting to me than beauty.
    When I started offering sensual bodywork, I discovered that I was more attractive to men than I realized; universally so. Yet on one hobbyist site, I saw clients consistently rating my body higher in attractiveness than my face, which was a shock to me. That site no longer exists, thankfully. I don’t think that kind of compartmentalizing, objectifying energy should be encouraged. However I feel it spoke to the truth that my face does not conform to Eurocentric standards of beauty. Eurocentric standards of beauty inform the eye on a subtle level. In the Eurocentric model, Northern European looks which include sharp, angular features and straight blond hair are considered most beautiful. My features are round, my looks “ethnic.” I have never considered myself “a beauty” yet I have come to a place in my life in which all day long everyday people are telling me I am beautiful, which feels good.
    I am aware that I could change my looks to conform more closely to the Eurocentric norm. I could dye my hair blond, for one thing. That is something I have never tried. Blonde hair carries with it enormous cultural cache and status.
    Yet artifice is against my nature. The kind of beauty I project is one that is about enhancing what it true and real about me, not trying to present as something else.
    In regards to sex work, I think it’s sad that so many people seem to view the work as something shallow, as though what matters in it is only physical attributes or designer clothes, sexy lingerie. I see sex work as a therapeutic modality which can be a kind of deep spiritual healing/teaching. Which is why monks and sadhus want to fuck me. They can see a route to enlightenment that runs through my pussy lol.
    Perhaps if sex work were not stigmatized and ghettoized like it is, its therapeutic aspects could be more greatly developed. Everyone could regard sex work as a spiritual healing. I could imagine that happening, though perhaps in a society with less superficial values than the one we currently inhabit.

    • I really loved Pua Nani’s input on this, and I share the same view and experience.

      I am also an “ethnic” woman; middle eastern, very busty, with a flat stomach and round behind. I sometimes think to myself that if I were shaped differently (i.e flat), I wouldn’t even want to be a girl. So I can understand where some women are coming from with the surgeries.

      With that being said, I do think that we choose and co-create our physical bodies with our mindsets, emotions and physical daily habits, I will not get too deep in the how as to not offend anyone, but I will offer it in a special blog I’m working on. Being surrounded by insecure women as a child and teen, it was a tough journey to learn self love, but I am glad that I have succeeded, and in those dark days I worked on the inner self and gained knowledge and depth.

      The medical industry wants to normalize getting plastic surgery, and does not tell us about the dreadful consequences, nor the not so natural results of these procedures. I dont think the rise of cancers and auto immune diseases between women is a coincidence. My friend who is a doctor tells me that botox is actually a type of poison, a toxin that can kill people, small children and animals. He also says that inserting an alien object into your body can often create those auto immune diseases.
      Living in a region where plastic surgery is the norm, I see a lot of these mishaps (I personally know a handful of cases gone wrong!), even though we bring some of the top plastic surgeons here. As for the results, I don’t find them to be beautiful or natural at all. It is so easy to detect who got what, including the more subtle procedures. They look entirely different in the filtered, lightened instagram photos. The actual result? frozen faces (with varying degrees) and wiped out ethnic features in favor of the current American ideal.

      With that being said, I am a woman who LOVES beauty and self-care. I do use a lot of professional at home devices that have proved to be very effective in giving me more shape, firmness and radiance to every part of my body, with technologies such as endermologie/LPG, radio frequency RF, Ionic technique, Pulse Light hair removal, and more. Now in my thirties, I look better than I ever did. These procedures are non-invasive and actually nourish the cells of the body. This is why I feel that now, more than ever, there is a need for me to share these experiences in a separate blog and show women that there is another way.
      Thank you for reading!

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