Topics about Escorts, Clients & Sex

Dear Readers: Help me choose what I should talk about for my next post. I am always writing drafts about escorting, sex, clients, relationships and so forth. Below are a list of titles of topics that I have written drafts about in recent months. (I apologize in advance for the vulgarity of the titles)


  1. Fetishes, Domination, & the Joys of Roleplay as an Escort.

  2. Prostitutes who Scam Men.

  3. Healing your Trauma as a Sex Worker

  4. The Truth About Escort Reviews.

  5. My Experience with Pimps & Pimped Escorts

  6. Who has the Best Dick?

  7. Who has the Worst Dick?

  8. Self Love While Being a Prostitute.

  9. When He Drowns in Her Thickness. 

  10. Prostitutes, Plastic Surgery & Body Image.

  11. Self Love, City Girls, & Staying Positive as a Female Hustler. 





Which of these topics would you like me to post about next? 


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20 responses to “Topics about Escorts, Clients & Sex

  1. larissa

    The truth about escort reviews

  2. Mr. Park

    Prostitutes who scam men I would like to read this.

  3. larissa33

    Prostitutes who Scam Men….

  4. Luna

    Hi there! 3, 8 and 11 would be topics I would be happy reading! Thank you for doing this.

  5. Blake

    I would like to read about self-love as a prostitute. This does not get addressed enough in the industry. I would enjoy hearing more about it. I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

  6. Dave

    I would like to read about #2 myself, scams, as I suspect many men have experienced some degree of this.

  7. Omnia

    Prostitutes who Scam Men….

  8. T

    Please write on Prostitutes who scam men. Am victim of 2 scams lost abt $ 1600 in past 4 months !

  9. Thank you for asking! For me, it would be “The Truth About Escort Reviews”.

  10. Youcef

    Body image plastic surgery

  11. Sensuel

    Difficult to choose just one topic. But maybe I would like to pick a subject that is the most fun to read (or could be fun).
    Fetishes, Domination, & the Joys of Roleplay as an Escort.

    Topics like “Trauma” or “Body Image” or “Staying Positive” will definetly prove to be usefull to get a deeper insight on the escorting job or how to deal with it as a sexworker. But there can also be room for a topic that puts sexwork in a positive light where you can discover extraordinairy things. Therefor my topic choise. But then again, this could go either direction as well I guess.

    Anyway, I will be happy to read whatever topic you select to write about.

  12. Healing from trauma and body image! and if you have the time, write about ALL of them!!

  13. Woodbine

    Dito Pua Nani

    Topic 12, even dozen: The relationship between self love and those people who scam. Seems like the title “Self Love, City Girls, & Staying Positive as a Female Hustler” might lend it’s self to an examination of the ins and outs of those who scam and those that don’t. I’d guess you could actually drop the word prostitute and substitute business person as prostitution is just one unique profession of many professions of business people.

    Something cheerful and light would be refreshing guessing you might have something comical to say about male anatomy and its owner or fetish work.

  14. Another Exotic Escort

    Another ….
    Healing your trauma as a sex worker…

    Sahar, Your posts have made me understand me. I am too part time and this stops me from feeling like a zombie.
    Your blogs are helpful to me.

    Thank you.

  15. jehn

    Prostitutes who scam men.

  16. I would love to read each one of these articles!

  17. C Alan

    What about the subject of older escorts. Say older that 40, and reasons for using their services versus younger ones?

  18. Another Exotic Escort uk

    The Truth about escort reviews…!

    Self love while being a prostitue

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