Husbands Who Cheat With Escorts/Prostitutes


A wife calls me. She discovered her husband has been cheating, with me, and others perhaps. Over the years, I have had to speak with a few other wives/girlfriends of clients. Strangely enough, each of these women share a similar patience towards me, the escort. They do not abuse me over the phone as one would expect. I often hear, “I know it’s your job, and I know you are probably doing it just for money, so I am not upset with you.”

The most heart-breaking part of speaking to the wife of a former client is when I hear the cries of small children in the background of the phone call. Coincidently, the last three wives who contacted me all said at one point, “Can you hold on for a moment?” while they attended to a crying baby or toddler. I hear small children making noise for their Mothers’ attention, while their Mother is emotionally destroyed from discovering her husbands infidelity. It is such a tragic scenario.

Up until recently, I usually was brief if a client’s wife or girlfriend called me. I denied knowing or associating with their husband, and said “This is my job. I see married men all the time and I do not ask about their personal lives. Sorry but there is nothing else I can say.”

But recently, I could not remain stoic with a sad wife who called me. I felt terrible for the woman on the other end of the line. She had just given birth, only to discover her husband’s thirst for other women. I wanted to cry with her for the deception that has ruined her world. What makes everything all the more confusing for these wives is that often their husbands are sweet men –some of my married clients are some of the most kindest, generous and loving type of men. But if someone can risk ruining another persons well-being to benefit themselves, are they really that great? How can someone casually cheat someone they supposedly love? Not all marriage scenarios are the same, however. Indeed, there are many cases I have observed where the husband cheats because he is purely selfish, apathetic and has no sense of appreciating what he has (a.k.a  he’s stuck in the deceptive ‘grass is greener’ fantasy). And then there are other cases where couples have little-to-no sex life at all, nor any sexual chemistry — and then the husband goes to escorts due to sexual deprivation. The reasons are complex, indeed — and moreover, it doesn’t help when one lives in a society that indirectly promotes cheating others for self-gain.

Things Are Not What They Seem: Picture-Perfect Deception?

The irony I have discovered is the fact that many married clients have very beautiful wives. Yes, beautiful women are cheated on commonly. It is only ironic because many people mistakenly believe that being ‘beautiful’ is enough to keep their partner sexually satisfied — women commonly make this wrong assumption. Genuine sexual bonding has very little to do with physical looks — sadly, many people do not realize this. We live in a world where people are lead to believe that sexual chemistry is found in those who appear sexy — appearing ‘sexual’ outwardly has no correlation to being internally sexualit is internal qualities that contributes to the sexual energy transfer between two bodies (a.k.a. chemistry).

Some regular clients show me pictures of their families and their wives. Some even show me their social media, where they have photos of their families. Ironically, many of my married clients have ‘picture perfect’ families. Recently, I googled one of my clients to check if he was using a real name or not. Incidentally, I ended up on the social media of this client’s fiancee. Her entire social media portrayed the picture-perfect life, complete with endless cute photos of her and her hubby-to-be. Sadly, little does she know that her future husband had traveled to another country to meet an escort, me. I imagine that outsiders may look at her life, or others like her, and wish they had what she portrays …..but little do outsiders know that her ‘picture perfect’ relationship consists of a husband who acts on his desires for other women. This only reiterates the realization of how much deception exists in life, especially in a time where people are obsessed with misleadingly showcasing themselves and their ‘lifestyles.’ Outsiders, generally, assume the same for high-class escorts — they assume escorts are satisfied for getting paid to have sex in comfortable settings — they don’t see what happens behind the scenes. I cannot count how many people I’ve met who are depressed because they feel their lives are not measuring up to the ‘perfect’ and ‘glamorous’ lives of people they see in real life or on social media. For such people, I always try to emphasize as much as I can, “Believe me, things are not what they appear to be.”

The Question of “Why Did They Cheat?”

The other day, I decided to share some of these thoughts with a regular married client of mine. I told him about the most recent cases of wives calling me. I have known this client for nearly 6 years now, so I was comfortable to discuss the sensitive subject of “cheating” with him (after all, he is married). We then got into a discussion of “Why?” I asked him, “Why do you come to see me?” Just as he has told me before, he said that him and his wife almost never have sex. Though, since we’ve been meeting over the last 6 years, he did have a baby with his wife between this time. His wife only allowed sex for the purpose of baby-making. I then asked, “What if you and your wife started having sex more often, would you still need to see other women?” He then explained that if he got sex from his wife, he would have no incentive to find it elsewhere. He also added, “But since I met you, it would be difficult to stop seeing you now.” And me, being myself, said, “I hope one day you won’t have to see me anymore.” I then asked about his wife and her sexuality — like many others, she shared the trait of being physically beautiful, yet lacking any desire for sex. What is one to do in this case? There is no simple answer. 

The purpose of writing this post was to share sympathy for wives of cheating husbands. Thank you for understanding that I and other escorts are doing this for money/survival. To married clients, please think twice about how much you are potentially hurting someone — be honest, be real.

If you are the spouse of cheating partner, what was your experience? If you are married man who see’s escorts, how do you justify it?


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26 responses to “Husbands Who Cheat With Escorts/Prostitutes

  1. I started seeing escorts after five years of no sex. My wife became ill and cannot enjoy sex any longer. I was faithful for more than four years. But as every birthday passed I regretted not being able to once again feel the warmth of a woman. I discovered it was more about the touching, the caressing, the closeness that I missed than the actual sex. I’ve been seeing escorts and massage/body rub girls for the past six months. It’s complicated. I don’t feel good about cheating and lying but I don’t feel guilty either.

  2. Thomas

    Interesting question!

    I’ve found that there are three things I get from “the hobby.” Sex, intimacy, and feelings of love. To me, seeing a woman once to experience that body type, is really no different than getting a massage, or going to a topless bar, looking at a playboy magazine. It’s just enjoying something beautiful for an hour or two. Asking if I would cheat if my wife was more sexually adventurous is like asking if I would visit another restaurant if the food in my favorite restaurant was always really good. it’s an aesthetic thing when it comes to sex. Your favorite painting is not always enough. Sometimes you want to compare and contrast–not judgementally, but simply for aesthetic contrast.

    Intimacy is the emotional equivalent of the physical exploration I’ve just mentioned. Exploring a woman’s personality is an aesthetic experience. It’s like asking why I have multiple friends when I have one best friend. It is enriching to experience many personalities in intimate settings. It’s exquisite!

    Escorts sometimes think that whether I see them again or not is a reflection on their performance. It’s not! I see an escort again to complete the arch of a story. There is sometimes an experience that cannot be completed in one session.

    But these types of story archs are dangerous because it is how one falls in love. Emotional dependence takes over from the original aesthetic impulse. It’s important to cut things off before love develops. Falling in love is where cheating starts–in my mind. If it were not possible to fall in love, most people are not going to feel cheated on. It’s the reason that these women are not angry with you. They dont feel. Betrayed by you. They don’t feel that you are interested in breaking up her marriage. They are bothered by the idea that their husband may fall in love. It’s the reason that a spouse doesn’t care if you think a movie star is really hot, but would completely fly off the handle if you said the exact same thing about the woman next door.

    Those are my immediate thoughts. I’m not sue if they would stand up to you poking holes in how consistently I would defend this view. Basically, I trust myself to cut things off before they go too far. But I have certainly had feelings of intense love for an escort that I wondered if I would be able to cut off–particularly if she reciprocated. Thats when I feel guilty–when I start enjoying playing with fire. But for sex and intimacy (particularly once), I don’t feel a twinge of guilt.

    • Rolling Tin Fist

      Perfect Thomas!!! Nothing else to add here. Looks like you were in my head or something. You are 💯 percent on point, and so I’m going to +1 this.

    • Dean

      Thomas, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t bother you to find another man’s cock inside your wife, as long as her heart is still with you!

      • Thomas

        Now I did add the disclaimer that my argument might not stand up to scrutiny. But, as a guy that has experienced jealousy (in other words, I’m not a free love swinger type) let me think about that. And I hope I come across as expressing how I react to that emotionally and don’t come across as too insensitive or overly sexist in my reaction. I certainly didn’t mean to compare women to food at a restaurant–its an analogy that is not intended to imply equivalence. I have great respect for women in general and for every provider I have ever seen. I am not a mysogenist and wish every woman I have ever been with peace, prosperity, and abiding happiness.

        To some degree anatomy matters. If I found out that my wife was strapping on a rubber dildo every few weeks and letting a guy suck on it or even enjoying some Greek adventures as the penetrator–and she never saw or communicated with the guy again, and he had no idea how to ever contact her again… I don’t think that I would be all that bent out of shape. I might squint one eye and give her a WTF look. And I’d probably be mad at her for lying about where she was. I’d probably tell her not to do it again if she asked if I mind. But I don’t think it would bother me much.

        So, as long as I’m wearinna condom, I don’t see much difference.

        But, to answer your question, yes, if I found another guy fucking my wife–and there was a gun lying around–I sure hope I would walk outside and take a few deep breaths. And I’d probably divorce her.

        I know. That sexist. And I’m not really trying to justify myself to others. I’m just sharing how I think about it and justify it to myself. I acknowledge that there are inconsistencies in my actions and analogy. But I also said that I usually trust myself to handle any unexpected emotions and that I could understand if my wife Washington insecure, angry, hurt, and jealous. And if there was a gun lying around, I’d jump out the window and run. She and the provider could spend the rest of the afternoon calmly comparing notes–as it seems, based on this article, experience indicates would happen.

        Or to put it another way, this is not something I justify to myself. I just want to look through ads sometimes. Often, that’s all I do. Sometimes, I see an ad–and it usually isn’t the perfect 10; it’s something about the provides personality or character or profile that catches my eye–and I just can’t stop thinking about it until I’m at the hotel cleaning up.

        And thanks Rolling Tin Fist. Sometimes I wonder if I’m like most guys or an outlier.

      • escortdiary

        “A man goes to a sheikh and says,”Oh sheikh, I’ve been married for year and I have kids but in the past few years I’ve noticed I’m not attracted to my wife any longer.” The sheikh starts to ask him why? Has she changed her appearance? Man: No, she looks the same. Sheikh: Did she get into an accident, did something deform her image? Man: No, she looks the same. So the sheikh asks “Do you have a hard time lowering your gaze when women walk past you? Do you have issues with pornography?” Man: Yeah, how did you know about that? Sheikh: “When you indulge in Haraam, when you fall in love with the Haraam, when you eat, sleep, and breathe in the Haraam, then the Halal becomes disgusting to you.”

        “Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children – like the example of a rain whose [resulting] plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes [scattered] debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion.” Surah Al-Hadid 57:20

      • Thomas

        Surah Al-Hadid 57:20, particularly the last paragraph, is intoxicating. It is not morally relativistic. It identifies right and wrong and consequences, and yet understands and even celebrates our transgressions.

        It reflects the idea of original sin, that we are born into sin and have no choice in the matter. I have free will. I can choose to walk away from an encounter. And I have done so. But there is something in my character that will not change and is going to need encounters with women. It is like breathing. I can choose not to breath. I will either pass out and involuntarily breath or I will die. I may not die at once. But there is a part of me that dies without these experiences. Experiences with a true courtesan bring me to life in ways that I have completely forgotten existed until I experience them again. And when faced with the choice of breathing or dying, I take a deep breath–even if doing so will hurt another person.

        While there is truth in it in some contexts, I’m not sure that I agree with the first part of that Surah. I actually find myself loving my wife more after these encounters or story archs. Sometimes I resent my wife for certain restrictions that have arisen. After an encounter, that resentment is gone and I feel love and understanding for some of the things that I resented about her. After story archs are completed, I often feel truly grateful for the stability and love of my family. I feel remorse for having considered giving all that up for something that would almost inevitably be just as restrictive and disappointing and probably less rewarding.

        I accept that I may be punished for my transgressions right here on earth someday. I accept that what I experience with escorts is illusion and that the visions of breathtaking beauty will pass. I accept that I have, of my own freewill, chosen to engage in the activities that I do, that I am doing something that I would not want done to me, and that my character can be controlled, but not changed.

        In the end, I think that my experiences with escorts have brought me equal amounts of happiness and sorrow–as has my marriage. It is in my nature, however, to choose experience over non-experience. Regardless of the temporary illusions of happiness and sorrow I experience with escorts, the experiences are fulfilling. And the fulfillment is not an illusion. It was genuinely experienced and remembered and integrated into a repository of wisdom (however empty that repository of wisdom may be at this time). There is eternity to be dead. There is the briefest moment in the history of the universe for us to experience happiness, sorrow, celebration, and regret, and love for those that we encounter. I’d rather experience too much than too little.

        As a side note, there is a wisdom and understanding possessed by some courtesans (at least the ones that I want to see again, those that are co-actors in story arcs) that is not present with other women. To be in their presence is like being in the presence of the divine. Nothing compares to that level of intimacy and love, that acceptance your true self (however temporary it may be) that, by the very nature of social convention, including marriage, cannot be expressed or felt other than with a courtesan.

        The hobby can be a form of gnana yoga. I see people on this blog that use escort experiences in this way–including the author of this blog. They experience fully, but are dedicated to the Buddhist wisdom of cultivating non-attachment –and the Hindu wisdom articulated in the Bhagavad Gita, of taking action that purifies society and the soul, regardless of the consequences.

  3. Akbar Khan

    Out rightly I can only express my disappointment.
    Those who equate it to enjoying food from several restaurants or aesthetic exploration must also allow and expect their wives to fuck several men by the same justification.

  4. Y. F.

    The reason is simple. The lack of love and sexual chemistry. What a man wouldn’t expect when he starts seeing an escort is that he could fall in love with her and that’s exactly what happened to me, and I was even ready to leave the world for her, but unfortunately she never had the same feelings for me and she always looked at me as a selfish married client who pays her for his pleasure. Was it wrong to start seeing her from the begining? Was it wrong to fall in love with her, thought it wasn’t really something I could control? I honestly don’t have answers……….

    • I didn’t fall in love with an escort girl, but I did find myself infatuated with her. I still am. I obsess about her all the time. You’re right about not being able to control these feelings. I have no answers either. Now I wish I would never have met her. Other escort women haven’t had the same effect on me. Just this one. It sucks.

      • HugsNKisses

        Isn’t it funny? I for one am looking to be infatuated and an escort that enjoys seeing me as much I do. I tried several high-class escorts and met wonderful people. So far my experience has been that I like the company the sex – which didn’t happen always – has not been fulfilling.
        It lacks desire, passion, urgency, eroticism, …
        In the end, for some of us, there is more than just release – though a release is very very nice – and I look forward to finding it.

      • H&G, I wish you good luck. Being infatuated or loving an escort isn’t easy. Hope you find what you are looking for. I’d be interested in any follow-up comments if you’d like to share.

      • Lara

        I am a escort myself. I am in love with this ex client. Ex client because I told him that I don’t want his money since there are emotions between us . I love his company. His body Nd everything about him but I dont trust him. In my mind he will pay sex to other woman and when I thinking of it my heart sank in sadness . So I imagine how bad it would before his wife . I sell sex but with him is different as much as I need the money I preferred not to get a penny from him and because I have strong feelings for him. Some girls they fell in love and continue to get the money for their time . If I am doing wrong?? I don’t know. My heart is what drives me when I am in love. Should I be more tactile and rational? Don’t now

      • escortdiary


        Thanks for sharing.

        Don’t make the mistake of giving up your heart for free. If a man really loves you and he is decent, he will have no issue to financially support you.

        Another escort wrote recently how she found out her partner (who was meeting her for free) was paying other girls. Take this as an example.

        Know your worth. If taking care of you, financially, is an issue for him, then he’s either not ready to be with you and/or not a good partner generally.


  5. Dear Sister,
    What are your thoughts on polygyny (multiple wives)?

    For one, as much as some self-styled Islamic cultures hate, it is clearly sanctioned (AND regulated) in the Qur-an. I know that you are a Muslim to whom Islam is important.

    Considering the general issues raised in both this post and its comments, I personally feel that the initial wife in a polygynous relationship is better treated than the jilted one, because there may be jealousy or dismay, but not betrayal. I feel that the newer wife or wives are better respected than the escort/prostitute/masseuse/masseur/girlfriend, because she is a wife with full rights, respect and acknowledgement, rather than- in the man’s mind- a “dirty little secret” or an exploited sexual object.

    Your thoughts?

    • I also want to add that I think everyone in a polygynous relationship can freely love each other. No secrets, no shame, no taboos.

      • Akbar Khan


        Let me handle your question / comment in two parts:-
        Firstly the concept of polygamy (polygyny) as the Islam sees it.
        Secondly the comparison of wife with escort and polygamous relations

        First part. If you study the verses 4:3, 4:129 Polygamy is neither mandatory nor does Islam encourage it, but merely permits it and that too with the strict condition to do justice between the wives. If one has slightest doubt that he will not be able to do justice, then Allah has clearly directed that one wife is better. Moreover it places all wives at equal status, there is no concept of a “primary” or “secondary wife. They all are absolutely equal in rights. The requirement of justice rules out the fantasy that man can “own as many as he pleases.” It also rules out the concept of a “secondary wife”, for all wives have exactly the same status and are entitled to identical rights and claims over their husband. It also implies, according to the Islamic Law, that should the husband fail to provide enough support for any of his wives, she can go to court and ask for a divorce.”
        Also keep in mind that the prevalent practice at that time in society was to have Harems and thus Quranic injunction actually made polygyny restrictive when compared to prevalent norm in that society.

        Why Islam allows Polygyny?
        Well it at least provides a respectable and sane way in situations where a man is not getting enough sex from his wife, say in case of illness or older age or similar other situations. In countries where polygamy is illegal, do you see faithful marital relations under such circumstances? No. People cheat, go to prostitutes and endure much more ills including destruction of family. By allowing polygamy with strict justice, Islam gives opportunity to maintain family structure and also avoid Zina.

        Coming over to second part, I think drawing such a comparison that second wife would be at least better than escort is uncalled for. As I have explained above all wives are absolutely equal and can not be compared with escort. Wife is the significant other, the mother of your kids.

        Lastly a man with multiple wives still has to follow a conduct of decency ordained by Islam while having sex, threesomes, foursomes and homosexuality among the wives is not permissible.

      • The best argument for Islamic polygyny will be made by those who practice it correctly. So instead of arguing, I will set an example, in sha Allah. Then I will get back to you with my views.

      • escortdiary

        Thank you Akbar for responding on my behalf. I agree with your view.

      • Thomas

        This whole Islamic polygamy thing comes across as incredibly arbitrary and self righteous–primarily because it assumes that all escorts would prefer to be wives, which is an exceptionally dubious assumption, particularly in situations that would require living in relative physical and spiritual deprivation. There may be something to living as an “equal” wife. But it strikes me as being achieved by living as a non-equal human being. Why not admit being unjust rather than pretending to be just?

        Sometimes I think that being honest about non-monogamy might be nice. But I’ve seen polyamorous relationships. They don’t work nearly as well as their proponents believe they will. Almost all of them still get jealous and still cheat or feel cheated on.

        Really, I think that the institution of marriage needs to be strengthened so that people realize that whatever happens, they need to come home at the end of the day. If everyone was sure their spouse would come home at the end of the day, they would get tired of keeping tabs on them.

        No one likes the idea of their spouse cheating on them. The solution might just be to not think about it, not worry about it, and live life.

        A friend of mine’s wife once said, “I don’t care if he’s cheating on me, as long as I don’t find out about it. If I find out, I’ll cut his balls off and divorce him.” My wife would never say something like that. But she probably thinks that way. And she never feels the pangs of jealousy. She never watches me walk off to sleep with my other wife. Why is that such a bad solution?

        Im not saying 4 wives or polyamory doesn’t work–just that there is no perfect solution to issues arising from sex and love.

      • escortdiary

        Sorry there is no point to respond to what you wrote as you are not Muslim.


  6. Bextacy

    I wish we lived in a society that could be honest about non monogamy. People need to come out of the closet. There would be a lot less heart break and a lot more fun! xo Your writing is sooooo good! xo

  7. Mahdi

    Dear Sahar,

    Since you quoted part of Quran, this is my gift back to you (Surah ash-Shura):

    “25. It is He who accepts the repentance of His worshipers, and remits the sins, and knows what you do.

    26. And He answers those who believe and do good deeds, and He increases them of His grace. But the disbelievers will suffer a terrible punishment.

    27. If God were to increase the provision to His servants, they would transgress on earth; but He sends down in precise measure whatever He wills. Surely, regarding His servants, He is Expert and Observant.

    28. It is He who brings down the rain after they have despaired, and unfolds His mercy. He is the Guardian, the Praised.

    29. And of His signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the creatures He has spread throughout them; and He is Able to gather them at will.

    30. Whatever misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned; and yet He pardons much.

    31. You are not the ones to interfere on earth; and besides God, you have no ally, and no helper.”

    I burst into tears as I heard these being recited today, and I thought I would share with you. My prayers and warmest regards to everyone on this panel. I have learned so much from everyone especially from dear Sahar.

  8. Mahdi

    My wife and I married about two decade ago. We were both virgins and each other’s very first experience. We have maintained a loyal, exclusive, loving and passionate marriage since then and have been blessed by beautiful children. Our marriage ceremony was dual purpose: It was also our farewell ceremony. We departed from our home country in the Middle East to somewhere in the English-speaking world for studying, and then stayed there.

    Once an authentically pious teenager who fiercely deprived himself from looking at or even thinking about women, years of living in the West gradually took a toll on me: I started to see and appreciate the beauty in other women, and how immensely devastating that was to my innocence. No loss or pain in my life equates the suffering this change brought upon me and, in retrospect, how foolish I was to succumb to my desires while I could have stopped them. What people experience in their teens happened to me in my thirties: My heart would melt upon seeing any woman. What a disaster.

    I became a guy who was easily confused and tormented by a shorter-than-a-split-second eye contact. Here was a married man with an angel in his house doing anything to keep him pleased and full, yet he wanted something more (and he did not know exactly what was that he wanted). Here was a truly happily married man who was tortured by a recurring and persisting unhappiness about not having had other experiences. It was the case of a highly educated, widely respected, professional and exemplary scientist whose brain worked like a Swiss watch (or so he taught) but whose heart was far from disciplined, organized, calm or thankful. His brain instructed him to exercise discipline, be calm and be thankful but the rest of his body instructed him the opposite.

    This continual inner struggle proved to be a constant source of distress and pain for me. I was mentally exhausted. I felt my talent, time and energy were being wasted by an internal fire that I could put out for short periods of time, only to see the flames re-emerge. Why couldn’t I be happy with what I have (and, thanks God, I have a lot)? Why did God do two opposite things to my logic and biology?

    This blog with its honest and intimate tone has been an extremely useful source of inspiration for me and is helping me in a process of soul searching and healing. It has helped me look at the issues of love, intimacy, companionship, and partnership through a new lens. It has upended how I view being with my beautiful wife: I am not going to let this gift from God become a mere partnership of convenience. I have started to enthusiastically explore, discover and appreciate every piece of her soul as she and I are the same and fundamentally in a state of union. And guess what? I am starting to see that I do not want anyone other than her after all!

    This blog has moved me in ways I have not been moved in many years. My wife says that Sahar to me is like Shams Tabrizi to Mowlana Rumi. Shams met Rumi only briefly and disappeared but left a deep mark on his character until the day he died. I have now re-gained the ability to be smiling at God, at equilibrium in heart, in unison with the world, and in love with all humans. The dark clouds are going away and the bright sun is coming back. Thank you, Sahar! Thank you!

    To celebrate, I offer this poem from the Persian poet Khayyam to everyone:

    اين کوزه چو من عاشق زاری بوده است
    در بـند سر زلف نـگاری بوده‌سـت
    اين دستـه کـه بر گردن او می‌بيني
    دستی‌ست که برگردن ياری بوده‌ست

    This clay pot like a lover once in heat
    A lock of hair his senses did defeat
    The handle that has made the bottleneck its own seat
    Was once the embrace of a lover that entreat.

    In Arabic, the same poem has been translated as

    كَانَ هَذَا الْكُوْزَ مِثْلِي عَاشِقاً … وَالِهاً فِي صِدْغِ ظَبْيٍ أَغْيَدِ
    وَأَرَى عُرْوَتَهُ كَانَتْ يَداً … طَوَّقَتْ جِيدَ حَبِيبٍ أَجْيَدِ

    I invite you to listen to Dorsaf Hamdani so beautifully signing this (from minute 22:15):

    • Akbar Khan

      @ Mahdi
      Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Indeed Sahar is an extraordinary soul and human being whose writings have been so insightful and thought provoking. My respect and prayers for her.

  9. k

    I have always wondered why husbands stray. I am still confused. Ready to try it myself.

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