Sacred Bond



In our love, I burn.

As I am now the moth, burning in the flame.

In this pain, let me endure the fire.

As the flames only reveal your beauty further.

Thus, I shall not seek pity,

As the greatest pleasure is worth all the pain of the heart.

But the heart does not die, like the perishable body.

Our love was ihsan,

a way of experiencing the glory of Holiness

The meaning of life,

As nothing is no longer comparable.

We reached the zenith of love, immersed together as one.

I burn now, longing for this beauty of Union.

Even in separation of our bodies,

Hearts hold on.

You are always in my heart, even though no longer physically there.

And when this physical life is over,

the journey, once unclear, becomes fully understood.

You were there, all along.

And thus, this pain is to be honored.

As love is God’s beauty.


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8 responses to “Sacred Bond

  1. It’s an exceptionally written poem, I think you should post more often posts like this! Keep up the great work! Kisses

  2. hey this is beautiful
    maybe you should turn into a writer as your words do hold the power to change the world

  3. simi69

    Pleasure lady Will you care to read a poetry If yes I will mail it just for you

  4. simi69

    Dear Lady
    If this is your original composition you are not only a great writer but a poet too. well done

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