Fruit Fly


As I tidy my kitchen, I gaze at the fruit flies devouring the juices of my leftover fruits and drops of honey that seeped out of its container…

Isn’t it a marvel of how when something oozes beyond it’s confinements it provokes an attraction; separate entities become bonded as one by this irresistible liquid. For a quick second, I applied this metaphor to our bodies — oozing of fragrant juices, seeping out….ready to ignite the attraction of another. It doesn’t require further explanation as to why some lovers have referred to the valley between one’s thighs as ‘honey’…honey that drips for a purpose.

One day, my lover asked me, “How did these (fruit) flies get here?”

I live high-up, where little buggers cannot reach such heights. Only when the nectar of these fruits seep out do I see these flies appear from who-knows-where….

How is it they, these little buggers, can detect this sweet, juicy nectar from so far away, from so high above the earth?

It’s the simplest, most majestic manifestation of beauty — this magnetic-like desire to feast on delicious juices …that require far journey’s and distances, and, perhaps, even self-annihilation to attain such bliss. After all, the poor little fruit flies are very susceptible to fatality (via human annoyance) during the quest of their desire.

My little fruit fly, once so devoted to it’s nectar…..completely seduced by the scent, taste, feel, the beauty of the sweet nectar that continuously seeps out, that awaits.

Sadly, like the moth gets burned by it’s attraction to the flame, a little fruit flies intense devotion for nectar was cut short and zapped dead.

I understand the longing…..the devotion to an unknown fate….such beauty is worth all of one’s life.


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10 responses to “Fruit Fly

  1. Lucille

    You write beautifully. I too am a writer. I have recently been drawn to the flame of selling my beauty, my grace, my sex…all for the whim of money. Money that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I am commenting to see how you may react to a thought that I had a while back, about my own human conditions…. First, I must say, that I have read all of your blog. We share many of the same perspectives not only of prostitution, but of love, family and unity.

    May I suggest that your deepest longings and desires from life aren’t being met because you have not yet been in a relationship with another beautiful, searingly compassionate woman (I don’t just mean outside beauty..mostly by beautiful I mean smart, intelligent, sensual, passionate and someone you can call your life partner…) while also having the pleasure of seeking male company when you both need to be fulfilled by a lovely cock every now and then…

    You, my love, need a woman. A man will never give you what you are deeply looking for. He will never satisfy your heart, only your carnal desires. You need both. You need a woman to be your life partner…and men to fulfill your sexual needs. Don’t give up on finding love, just give up on finding true love in a man. When you find the right woman, someone who shares in everything that you seek and believe in, your life will be filled with more happiness than you have ever dreamed of.

    I can tell by your writings that you will never be happy with a man. I wish you all the best of luck that this world has to offer.



    • escortdiary

      @ Lucille

      Thank you for the comment. I am deeply warmed that you read my entire blog. But I must say that you have misunderstood a lot of my perspectives.

      I think you slightly misread my writings, and I understand that my blog might cause confusion. Firstly, I am not looking for love, nor am I hoping to find a man. I already have/had the love I desire, and I am not looking to replace it. The serious loves I’ve had, namely my ex and the Sheik, were devoted lovers who did everything do make me happy. Yes, they satisfied me in every aspect, most importantly my heart. I was deeply happy with them as individuals, but the context of our relationship lead to complications. It was not any fault or lacking on their part. I left my ex-fiance because I was selfish, shallow and immature — I wasn’t ready to settle down back then. Otherwise, he was perfect as a lover. More recently, the tragedy between the Sheik and I is political — we cannot legally stay together. If you had read my writings, I emphasized that both these men were the ultimate lovers and both fulfilled all my needs.

      Now, hopefully, you can see why I disagree with your suggestion about needing a woman. Love can come from any human. What gives you the idea that men are not capable of love? That’s a very narrow and essentialist way of viewing things, and I completely disagree. Maybe you, personally, have not experienced this from men, but please do not assume that this is the experience of all women. Whatever emotional pain I’ve experience is not because I lacked true love, but rather because of more complex social and political issues (which I mention on my blog).

      Hope that makes sense,


  2. micklively

    For me, being wanted is everything. So commercial sex will always struggle to fulfil my needs. But, maybe if the lady is a good actress, I can forget and she can convince me, on some level.

    • escortdiary

      Wow, thank you dear. I am very indebt to your loveliness.

      • simi69

        Dear Escort diary and Pua Nani
        You both are amazing women in your fields of work
        I feel that the blog of both of you is from your heart
        i resist getting sexy in my comments on both of your blogs but nevertheless you are like Juicy fruits with fertile imaginative minds
        Cheers to you
        Keep writing

  3. simrat1969

    Amazing simili lady of the fruit fly honey etc
    men lovers are like fruit flly who will give their life for the taste of real Honey- honey that drips for a purpose.

  4. wow, beautifully articulated, like the sufi story of the moths. I love the way you write. he has learned what he wanted to know but only he understands 😉

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