It’s not obvious, but …


This soft haven that I am, created and sold, has a history…

It repulses some, excites others… or perhaps both.

How many …

..tongues have searched the skin..

.. times has hot arousal of another poured onto the breasts, the tummy, the posterior…or inside..

..insatiable mouths have tasted the slippery arousal seeping from warm areas..

Just how many phallus have entered me?


..brands of saliva have coated me..

..fingerprints lay evidence to this sensual past.

These nipples, loved and suckled by countless lips and mouths; cuffed by endless fingers and hands

Yet nobody would guess that this body has been on all fours or on its back spread for countless men.

Every inch of my body has been discovered, yet only one conquered it to render me powerless.

And I think to myself, would the conqueror even know the title of having conquered such a popular destination?

I hide it all so well, this history which only I know.


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10 responses to “It’s not obvious, but …

  1. oh my love the all visuals of tongues exploring your every inch wow you have a gift to express
    but I like to know is this safe for you health wise to be licked in your private zones by so many

    • escortdiary

      Is it safe? Sure, there are risks having sex in any scenario. But in ‘high-end’ escorting, many clients and escorts base their judgements on mutual trust and lifestyle habits.

  2. Anon

    I go through your site whenever i get time. And this post is very different from the other posts i have read in your blog. well your profession has nothing to do with your writing skills, which is very discreet and one of its kind. u r very good human being, artist and writer – thats what i feel from the write up. escorts or courtesans do sell their bodies, but not soul! nothing can go beyond their skin, nothing can penetrate the deep shield. this write-up proves the point 100%.

    Female, India.

    • escortdiary

      Thank you so kindly. Writing is my outlet to express certain things, as it’s not easy to express such things in other contexts.

  3. Kcoo

    So beautiful! Raw and complete all at once.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • simi69

      Dear Escort Sister
      from your posts in 2013 it appears your morale is going down. please remember to thank God for the lovely body He has given you and me and others. The Body is the Temple of God in which resides our soul
      So whatever happens to our bodies please keep our souls strong and connected with the Almighty
      If you like spirituality I can post you some very nice material for the soul in english at your email address

  4. I like your style, lady. You reflect well on this strange world of human sexuality.

  5. Agree with the other comments. Sensuous, full of thoughtful perspective and even sarcastic… you wield a mighty pen. Shine on.

  6. Paul

    Wow that is most erotic thing I have read in ages…and the most sad….

  7. Love how you describe the internal landscape of your body and it’s history…soft haven or battleground, it is your beloved homeland. Blessings sweet woman 🙂

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