Types of Clients – (An Escort’s Perspective)

I’ve seen all sorts of men from a variety of different backgrounds. Some men often fall into a client stereotype. Of course, there are always exceptions. For instance, there was a client I saw who was infamously known for lifting women over his shoulders, in the air, to lick between their legs. Or other unique clients, like the young 20-year old University student who used to book me for 8 hours at a time to only  kiss and lick my hands, feet, and bottom (I suppose those two were quite unique).

Over the years, I’ve summarized a few commonalities I’ve observed of clients that are typically encountered in the “elite” world of Escorting and Brothels. I’ve discussed these types of clients with other working girls too, and we’ve all agreed on many of them. Take this with a grain of salt , as there is such a richness of diversity among clients that cannot be simplified, categorized and classified.

*I must note that this diversity of clients is less likely when an escort is a courtesan. A courtesan, for the most part, ‘pick’s and chooses’ her clients and see’s only those she finds suitable. The variety of clients I discuss below is from experiences within a brothel setting only. 

1. The Client who always seeks “New” Girls: 

As an independent courtesan, I rarely see these types. Thankfully, undesirable clients like this are easily weeded out through screening. But in the brothel setting, this kind of client exists.

By “new” girls I am referring to girls who are new to the sex industry, new to a particular brothel establishment, or new to an area (city). There are always a handful of these ‘soul-less’ clients who are waiting for the “new” girls, and they often have a disgusting agenda. The reasonings for seeking fresh-meat is simple: they are hoping they can exploit her, for the new girls are presumed to have no sense of control over what is allowed, and what is NOT allowed (in terms of sex). It’s common that these men lure naïve ‘new’ girls to perform sexual acts that she is not comfortable doing. These men are hoping to score big with sexual ‘extras’ that are typically not available (or cost more) from experienced prostitutes. I call these men ‘soul-less’ because they have sex that is essentially meaningless, with no true intimacy — how is it possible to establish meaningful sex when you constantly seek a new body?

Tragically, many newcomers to the sex-industry do not have the assertiveness to set their boundaries. Some of these clients are predators looking to take advantage of them. These type of clients never see a girl more than once, unless they can continue to exploit her. They may appear charming, and even have wealth, but deep down they are deeply misogynistic. Underneath the facade they are truly manipulative. They are also cheap, and do not leave tips for their ladies (they are trying to get as much sexual favors for the least amount of money).

In my personal experience, I have seen these “house regulars,”…as every high-end prostitute experiences being a ‘new’ girl more often than once. Fortunately I am aware of these clients mentality, and soon enough they will realize that they cannot exploit me.

2. The Nice Guy who’s Single, Divorced, or Broke up with his Long-time Girlfriend: The name speaks for itself. Typically, these guys range from early 20’s to early 40’s. They are often the sweetest, most considerate men. They don’t usually see a variety of prostitutes, but rather often stay loyal to one or two escorts once they find a connection. These guys are not the type to look for sex elsewhere (ex: they don’t go to night-clubs, pubs, etc).  This does not imply that they are undesirable by any means. In fact, they are often very desirable men — handsome, financially stable, etc — but they do not conform to social norms of interacting with women at conventional places. They tend to choose escorts that are intellectual and seemingly normal. As a client, they are totally self-less, and enjoying giving pleasure to a woman. It is very important for them to make sure the women is satisfied first.

The problem is, these sweet “Nice Guy” clients fall in love too easily. I actually met a lovely man who fits this mold last week. He’s in his mid-30’s, educated, and he recently got divorced. We had a great time together, and predictably he asked to take me out. I said no. He’s a great guy, but I am not looking for a serious relationship, as I’m already in love with another dream.

A good percent of my clients over the years have been these type of men. My ex-fiance was one. Normally, I always said no when clients asked to take me out, but my ex and I were unique (we had so much in common, and he was the most respectful man I’d ever met). These men are looking for love ….in the wrong place.

3. The “Nice Guy” who’s MARRIED: I see a lot of these men too. Some of my best clients are married. While they are extremely lovely as clients, I hate the idea that they are cheating on their wives. The worst part is that married men are usually so loving, affectionate and respectful, which seems perfect ….BUT! Just knowing that sweet men are cheating translates back to my brain that seemingly pius, good men cheat on their wives! It is a very sad reality that fidelity between couples is diminishing due to living in an age that normalizes perverted, hedonist ideals.

Be sure to check my questions and answers, because there are various sub-types of married clients.

4. The CLIENT (married or unmarried) with the Madonna-Whore Complex: These are the type of clients who want a prostitute to essentially ACT like what she is (in stereotypes): a vulgar, whore. I hate these men, as they have minds tailored by  debauched societal values. They are the ones who watch porn and think that women actually enjoy those grotesque and degrading acts of “sex.” I have no problem with dominance and submission (BDSM) with two consenting partners, who both enjoy the acts. But there are clients who enjoy violence on others, feeling the recipient deserves being exploited, degraded and perhaps, harmed — this is sickening. For instance, a client may think it’s justifiable to treat a prostitute like ‘dirt’ because he’s internalized this idea that ‘whores are worthless.’ Thankfully, my clientele has not consisted of many of these men.  They tend to like the plastic, trashy facade (fake breasts, plumped up injected lips, etc) — sadly.

5. The ASSETS MAN (The Breast men, the Ass Men) Of course, my perspective on these clients is biased, because I have very large natural breasts. So naturally (no pun intended), I get plenty of the big-breast lovers clients. Generally, there are two categories of breast men:

1. The Client who loves large breasts, regardless if they are fake or natural.

2. The Client who ONLY loves big natural breasts.

Breast clients vary in what they want to do with a set of voluptuous breasts. Sometimes they want “Russian” (or “Spanish,” the lingo used in other countries), which is wrapping their penis between a woman’s breasts. Or some men love to suck the woman’s nipples for long durations, or just smothered their face in her breasts. Oh yes, and a minority of clients have a lactating fantasy.

And then, there are the men who love/worship a woman’s bottom (her ass, her buttocks, …whatever you like to call it). But the assmen are often unique. I’ve encounter many different types of ass worshipers. There are some men who just admire the shape of a woman’s bottom, while others admire her actual “hole”……and there is another breed of men who find ultimate pleasure in licking a woman’s backside entirely. These men have no intention of having anal sex necessarily, but rather they just enjoy it as an asset.

Foot Fetish for Escorts

6. The Fetish CLIENT: Fetishes vary from the individual. For instance, clients who love feet have their own methods for enjoying the experience. The same can be said for men who like women to dominate them. I will never forgot the first time I encountered men with fetishes. I was fresh to the industry, and I had no idea that men were so STRANGE!  Why would a man want me to hurt him? Why would a man want to suck my toes? However, now….I see the pleasure in pain and in unconventional things. The modern society socializes us, indirectly, into norms of sex, but in reality there are great varieties of desire outside the current norms. Fetishes are not ‘strange’ to me anymore, because I embrace the variety of sexual desires. I enjoy fetish clients, I prefer them….they are always respectful and very considerate. It’s often a very fun, humorous experience, and I admit that I love when a man worships me at my feet, my ass, my breasts– everywhere.

7. The Pussy Lover: It sounds vulgar, but I couldn’t think of anything else to describe these men. Yes, there are some clients that get their ultimate pleasure in eating a woman’s private parts. A pussy lover client isn’t going down for her pleasure only, it’s more for his pleasure too!

The difference between a ‘pussy lover’ and ‘nice guy’ is that a nice guy will lick a woman and see how her body responds. On the other hand, a ‘pussy lover’ will just go down on a woman, without asking her if she enjoys it or not (again, because it’s for his enjoyment too). Some men don’t realize that the act of ‘going down’ on a woman does not guarantee she will enjoy it. Good oral skills require technique and lots of feedback from the participant (the woman).

To be honest, I really enjoy having a man’s face between my legs. I’ve always found it flattering and arousing, even though some men’s skills are lacking. There are some men who love it as a fetish. A pussy lover will not stop licking, even after the woman has orgasm. He can’t get enough of her juices. Being a prostitute, it’s rather funny because I used to think: How can you lick a woman without knowing her hygiene practices? But then I realized some men do not care, and they desire the scent and taste. They might kiss her skin, and cannot wait to feast between her legs and taste her juicy pussy. Many clients eagerly await to lick and taste me, without any hesitation. Maybe they detect that I like it? Or maybe they see a desirable woman and it’s their instinct to lick her from head-to-toe (and every part gets licked). I embrace men who love to satisfy their women sexually. Pussy-fetish men desire a woman’s scent/fluids (again, it’s to satisfy his pleasure). In any event, scents are very erotic.

8. The IDEAL client (Wham, Bham, Thank You Maam!)

Firstly, I must note my bias in this: I only prefer ‘quick and sweet’ clients when I am in love with another man. Otherwise, I do embrace more intimacy with desirable clients, whom I genuinely enjoy. But most other escorts I’ve spoken with, realistically, prefer quick and easy clients. Yes, there are a minority of escorts who do derive pleasure from seeing clients (myself included), but again, the vast majority of prostitutes simply do not.  

So who is this ‘easy going’ client? Ahh, any woman who escorts will agree with me on this one. This client totally respects our job, and takes it for what is it: strictly business. He visits weekly, maybe bimonthly. The sex is easy, and predictable. It might even be good intimacy and foreplay. He is not demanding, and is considerate. He doesn’t waste time our time, nor does he try to pretend it’s a ‘real’ love connection. Best of all, he leaves a tip, and totally respects that it’s business (no emotional drama).

When I was living overseas, one of my regular clients was this “ideal” client. He came every week. He was so predictable, and easy going. We always had the same conversations, and every time he would tell me I remind him of an ancient Egyptian goddess. He knew I would never date him, so for my comfort he never tried to intrude on my personal life. A quick act of sex..,he’s satisfied sexually and I’m paid, and then we’re finished. That went on for a good year until I left the country. While I was with my ex, I wished all my clients were like Mr ‘quick and easy.’ But in reality, most clients of mine want the closest to ‘love,’ which I don’t blame them.

The reason these “ideal” clients are so rare is because most men want more than sex (with me personally). I have had great regular clients, but depending on my personal circumstances I may prefer appointments that are quick and sweet. Again, it really depends on my personal life. When I am in a relationship, I desire only being with my love. But when I am single, I am more open to more intimacy with good clients. In reality, most of my regular clients are seeking passionate love-making, endless conversation, cuddling, making me orgasm……..which sounds great, but honestly it’s a lot of work to get so intimate with someone I don’t love.

9. The Saudi Student:  They get a category of their own, the Saudi students, because they are unique…and there are so many of them. I will do my best to avoid essentializing, because there are no such thing as innate ‘cultural’ traits. But Saudi students share some commonalities, reflecting their generous government scholarships and freshly tasted Liberal ideas in terms of mingling openly with women. Although Saudi guys have their unique personalities, they also have many traits as clients that have become common. For instance, Saudis students are less experienced in sex — But.. good boys learn quickly.  Funny enough, a Saudi male friend of mine said that his own fellow nationals, “only know how to fuck like donkey’s”….but I would say that’s a bit harsh. I have found many Saudi men to be exceptionally romantic, and eager to please/learn. I mentioned how many of them aroused me despite lack of experience. Contrary to popular myth on the ‘dominating’ Muslim male, I find young Saudi men to be quite soft. They are very affectionate lovers. Again, my experience is biased.


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83 responses to “Types of Clients – (An Escort’s Perspective)

  1. J

    I’m definitely the pussy lover. Almost gave into finding an escort to do that, but I was shy and backed out. Didn’t know anything about how things work.

  2. Alondra

    Your description of the “Nice Guy single” applies to me. I am struggling right now. I have enjoyed being with one escort for the past two years. We have fun together dancing and sharing each others’ languages. She is single mum trying to keep it all together. She would be happy to keep seeing me every couple of weeks. I think about her every day. How do I move our “relationship” back to a working one versus, my fixation?

    I realize the “relationship” is going no where in terms of commitment. Honestly, I do not want to commit since I am older, late 50’s, and she is in her late 20’s. We are clearly at different stages in our lives.
    Taking on the responsibility to financially support her child is less than enticing. Her little one is her world … I know that.
    Rationally I know what to do: either see her once a month and enjoy the experience or stop seeing her. But I like her or at least the version that I created in my mind. I rarely fall in love but when I do …

    What do i do as a nice guy?

  3. Hetal

    Hi I’m 22 year old guy and single. I’m seeing the one escort from the last year. I’m really love her and I want to married her. I don’t have a problem if she continuing her business. But I never expressed my feeling because I always get nervous front of her, I think if I tell her about that she may mad on me. Can someone please help me what I do now ? Please.

    • JustMe

      Emotional Attachment Syndrome..!! Nobody stupider than a punter what believes to find love .Money changes hands, a simple business transaction.When you stop handing over actual money then it becomes something else.
      You’ll get over her, give it a couple of months.

  4. JustMe

    Thanks for the insight into your work. I best fit into the category as described in 2. Only I am aware that it is a business and not a dating. But, I would like something like customer service when it comes to regular visits, so not on a polite booking appointment the short heartless “OK bby” . Since I am single, I also like a caring question about how I am and when I want to appear next time. I do the same with my customers, okay other field of course but that has nothing to do with love , it is just respect and keeping a good environment, base, for a good business connection..it’s just , Customer care .. for “wham-Baam thanks Ma’am”, you really don’t need anyone you often visit as a regular which means often enough twice a week. It is the “connection” to good and valued customers. Most girls prefer the wham-baam thing and are later surprised if they are treated like interchangeable meat . As everywhere, the boundaries are blurred; where someone sets them, everyone must know for themselves.Just my p20

  5. Frank

    i love how she looks down on married men who cheat on their wives but she still works as an escort while shes in love with someone (numerous times) lol double standard much?

    • escortdiary


      The notion of INTENT:

      A) Married man’s INTENT when seeing an escort: to satisfy their sexual desire with another woman
      B) An escorts INTENT to see clients: Economic Survival


      • JustMe

        I hear you Sahar and I’m with you .I think it will make es much harder to do your job if you are in love with someone .

        @Frank, she’s absolutely right about married man , if only economic reasons and common children make up the marriage, the consequences should be taken. Most of the time it looks like that the blokes demand loyalty, but visit escorts themselves or are keeping a gf beside .

  6. Thanks for your thoughtful comments – and the good advice. On the first page of my blog I make clear where I stand on this issue

    “​I have been a client of sex workers for nearly 35 years and I have nothing but respect for the overwhelming majority of women who choose to make a living this way.

    I am only too aware that our society frowns on their work and also on those, like me, who use their services. I also know that there are real problems around street prostitution and the criminal activity associated with some aspects of sex work.

    I am in the fortunate position to have been able to use the services of intelligent, independent women who care about both their own and my health and well being. And I really don’t think it is any business of the State to interfere in arrangements that we voluntarily enter into.”

  7. oldmike53

    As an older, married man I was interest by how strongly you felt about married met “cheating” on their wives. My wife and I do still occasionally have sex but she is less than enthusiastic about it and doesn’t really make much of an effort if I am honest. In every other way we get along and really are very close. I think that seeing sex workers has kept my marriage alive rather than threatening it because the alternative was to have an affair.

    There have been times when an attractive woman has made it clear that she was available and would welcome an approach from me but that would have put my marriage at real risk so I have always declined however tempting it has been. By contrast I see a couple of very professional ladies with who I have very good time – in one case we have become very friendly and swap messages even when I’m not trying to fix a date. We are totally clear however that ours is a professional relationship and neither of us has any misconceptions about this.

    I have enjoyed your blog and will undoubtedly read more of it. Should you be inclined I write one myself about my adventures with sex workers.

  8. C Alan

    I am on the far side of 60. Ten years ago, my wife informed me that intimacy was no longer on the cards, due to discomfort during sex, after menopause. This then became lack of all physical contact, including hugging.
    After nine years I decided enough was enough and started searching for a suitable escort to visit for intimacy. Prostitutes are totally legal here, so they openly advertise. I decided that I would seek out somebody who was older, and I could relate to, not just a young girl for a quickie.
    The ladies I have since discovered, tend to do this almost as a hobby to bring in extra income. They tend to be single, but were previously married, now preferring to be on their own. However, they still have a need for sex, but prefer not to frequent bars, etc., for a casual pickup. In this way they can check out their customers with a right of refusal.
    I now have a couple of ladies I visit. Yes, we do have sex, sometimes successful for me, but most of all I enjoy the company and bodily warmth of somebody close. I enjoy giving pleasure as much as receiving. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the lady is benefitting more from the visit. But I am satisfied and content with the arrangement.
    Working ladies are in reality therapists in their own right and deserve to be given respect where it is due. Yes, there are some odd ones out there, but that is the nature of society.

    • escortdiary

      @C Alan,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Nine years of no intimate relations with your wife must have been quite a struggle. I do not condone infidelity, but in such cases as yours, I do ponder about what one is to do in such a situation. Does someone in your case just never have sex again? Do they abandon their partner just to go have sex with others?

      My religion, Islam, provided a solution for a man in such a scenario. He can marry another wife, and must give the new wife the exact same rights and benefits as the first wife. This benefits the new woman, as she is treated with the full dignity and status of a wife rather than a being used for sex only like a prostitute.

      Working ladies are in reality therapists in their own right and deserve to be given respect where it is due. Yes, there are some odd ones out there, but that is the nature of society.

      Good point. When sex work becomes intimacy, it is indeed a form of therapy.


  9. Geoff

    Intriguing. I’ve always wanted to go to a brothel but I get super shy!
    With the titties thing – do you mind if the customer just has a little play and a motorboat? Or is that off limits? Extra?
    Is it rude to book a full service and just get a blowie?
    So many questions. Getting stage fright just thinking about it 😀

  10. Anonymous

    I’m a male…

    lol 100% true

  11. Orry

    “He’s a great guy, but I am not looking for a serious relationship, as I’m already in love with another dream”.By saying this , you implied that you can choose when to fall in love, like you have the power to do so. I disagree with you cause due to the fact that you consider your self “wanted” by so many men, you lost the ability of understanding things. So many men want to make sex with you and/or date you because you are easily found. Outside your line of business world you may found many doors close and you may not have the ability to choose who to be love with. You should know that and put your nose a little bit down

  12. Constantin

    Hi dear I stumbled over your blog, while researching for escort website,i did bookmarjed your blog is wondelfull full of good articles and im sure that one day this blog will bring you a lot of succes just keep writing your emotions.

  13. Hillbilly

    Ok so here it goes having had “2” “Escorts” now what makes this blog all the better because what better time to tell all about going to “John School” and that’s what this is all about huh ?. “John School” you ask , hell yea that’s where you go ( after you try picking up a prostitute and she tells you to meet her down the street, That shoulda been a sure give away but when you’ve never picked up a prostitute before “your just oh ok then so this is how it works” Bam you drive up the road a bit and then this vehicle puts on its lights and your thinking “Oh fuck” BUSTED. so this police officer gives you two choices, 1 go to court or step 2 go to “John School” $500.00 . But I’ll tell you what a rip off “John School was in a minute. I was working on the drilling rigs and so I had to ask my “Tool Push” for days off . And I say “Bill” (Not his real name) I need days off as I need to go “John School” holy flying shit he then asks me with a quite puzzled look on his face what’s “John School” and I say to him that I tried to pick up a “Prostitute” and it was an undercover cop . Well he literally laughed right in my face , was I ever embarrassed . So the guys on my rig literally laughed their balls off at me for getting caught trying to pick up a hooker. But what ever so the day finally comes up and I go into the city and talk with this one fella that’s sitting out front the place too and he says “Yeah I had to tell my wife where I was going” It was 2001’s largest “John School” class they’d had that year so far in Edmonton Alberta 87 people X $ 500.00 that’s $43,500.00. Now guys look at women and say their ugly but you wouldn’t believe your eyes at how homely and ugly some of these men were . There were about 15 of us that were normal looking and the rest looked like they’d fallen outta the “Ugly Tree” and hit every branch too. And glasses wow shouldn’t be a bad thing but you have never seen such “Ugly looking people” before. During the john school class the instructor said how it could affect your lives ruin marriages and this and that . But oneself had no kids and “Was just looking to get ones oil changed ( get fucked ). Ok so having said “John School” cost $500 its cheaper to get an escort because if you handle yourself right you know what can happen but if you don’t you did it to yourself right. At first oneself was all up tight about letting people know about “John School” but its like (Andre Gide said – “It is better to hated for what you are than to be loved for you are not” And oneself was called “Hillbilly” on the rigs that I worked and people still tease me about it and the year is 2016 and that was back in 2001 “It is what it is” But the best thing about being with an escort is that they the escort tell you their driver is waiting for them outside. And I always brought my own condoms but these escorts use their own too so they practice being safer that’s what shows a little extra incentive in the pride they have in there job. You must always give respect to get respect

  14. Manav agarwal

    Your blog has helped me open few blocks of my mind n heart.although i respect all women alot except the cruel ones,but after reading your posts,the respect n kindness for women has increased.i have two questions
    1.How do you deal with people having broken heart coz of their ex.n how similar your thoughts be with other people you know?
    2.what do escorts think about legalising this business in some countries,n how is it gonna effect or affect your lives?

  15. Olivia

    How do I become an escort??

    • Akbar


      Your age? Your current socioeconomic concerns and vulnerabilities need to be seen before a wholesome advice can be offered. You also probably need to first meet and see some fine escort who can offer you an honest advice. escortdiary is one such person. however it usually is a one way journey with no turning back. Be aware of it

  16. Fred

    Thank you Robert for your input. You’re right about finding the right gal – and this one was understanding, but boy did I learn more about me – inside – the true soul and spirit of what I have become and am now. I pray that someday soon before I’m too old or die, that I’ll experience and know the intimate touch of a woman at least once again – even if for a brief period. Meanwhile, I’m still a mental mess thinking about it all. It’s a catch-22: I never really learned about proper intimate relationships or love in the ‘proper way’ or way that most of society does (even if over half of them end in at least one divorce) so that’s not my fault (I don’t blame anyone or anything – just an unusual product of society I became) but it sure is an inborn sin to just lust, yet a natural heterosexual inborn too desire to release this need and tension. I too for sure do not want to hurt a woman’s feelings or heart, as I have in the past – mainly due to alcohol consequences – so I go on each day, each becoming slightly more lonely, and each day becomes weeks, and months, and years, and decades (yeah – pathetic). So all I can do is hang on and now trusting God – because I know that I know – He knows whats best for me and that I don’t want to hurt a woman’s heart. Perhaps an intimate, true girlfriend is in the future or the relaxed guts to succeed with an escort next time, or continuation of my current state until death ? Only time will tell. Take care Robert – I hope you’re successful in your therapy – I have not found mine yet. Thanks again. ‘Fred’

    • Robert De Brus

      Fred, if its a question of conscience, then follow your heart. Sex is not sinful, its what you feel comfortable with. I know I am resigned to never being married, or maybe not a relationship for the rest of my days. But, to feel the touch of a beautiful woman, well that I cannot deal with. That’s me. No man is an island. God bless..

  17. Fred

    I’m trying to be as honest as I can, including with myself: I guess I’ll call myself what was to be the ‘Ideal’ client or maybe new category, nut job – I’m single, 51, never married male (had marriage chances a couple of times over 20 years ago but never could go through with it), never really learned how to date – always had sex from 19 to 40 under the influence of alcohol, but quit drinking 11 years ago because God saved me from self-destruction of alcohol to me. But, feeling more gutsy I thought than the normal late night internet porn, I decided last Thursday to research reviews and get an escort – oh boy I thought – finally.
    Well after a few days, last night was the night – I had her booked, and she was delayed – if nothing else trying to find the hoop ear rings I desired (always a big turn on for me with women – ha) – and showed up. She kept in contact with me for the hour plus as she was running late and searching for the ear rings, but as time went on waiting, I started having my doubts IF I actually could. It’s like I told her in her car later, your eyes are bigger than your stomach sometimes – I thought I really finally wanted real touch sex after all these years – but I just couldn’t do it. My stomach was in knots and my nerves were shot waiting – I was a nervous, almost sick mess of a now so-called man. I paid her for her troubles, time, gas, hoop ear ring search, etc. and my own embarrassment in the driveway. She was very nice (in looks and personality) about the whole thing – heck, why not she got paid a pretty penny for doing nothing physically.
    Today, I feel like less of a man but know I have changed I guess I hope because of growth thru God ? I feel like giving myself a brownie point, but also found out I am a mess – mentally I guess ? Am I done with women at 51 ? I feel bad for her because of her ‘job’ – what a nice gal – in looks and personality. I now will pray for her that she stays safe and sadly like you said, she will probably never get out of this lifestyle. Sure I disappointed God (not just in internet porn) in lining up an escort – so guilt is there.
    Am I a pathetic un-manly man now – I should have at least got a BJ.
    Heck, I don’t know – I just know I feel bad today and need some kind of help I guess 😦

    • Robert De Brus

      Fred, my name is Robert, I will turn 50 soon. same as you, never married, prob never will. Had my bout with alcohol substance abuse, PTSD, etc. A mess. Forgive yourself man, its not uncommon for nervous reclusive guys like us to not get erect, or rush, pop early, etc. it happens. Maybe you need to explain to a provider, your situation, not being with a woman for years, like it was for me. I did my research, looked into reviews like TER, did they kiss? Were they passionate? BJ with condom or no? I spent 600 one time on a beautiful Russian, 1st time in 3 yrs, it did not go well/ I rushed into it, I felt horrible. You must get your feet wet 1st Fred, start slow, find a girl who’s about 30, is local and not blowing through town. These girls want good reviews, and I found 1 this week, unreal. Affection, passion, wet kisses, deep and passionate. I only had one good release and it was heaven. Next time I will know-SLOW DOWN. Fred, you did not sin, stop that stinking thinking bro. These girls provide services for us social misfits and guys past their prime. Find the right provider. I wish you well bro, its not a hobby for me, its therapy. Good therapy. Regards, Robert De Brus

  18. Charlie Oswall

    I’m the quick and easy client. 🙂

  19. Alexzandria

    How did you go about finding brothels and clients?

  20. Andrew

    I’m sorry if it appears I’m hijacking your blog, I always worry and don’t wish to but days like this are hard to handle.

  21. Andrew

    I’ve read and written Comments on your Diary since last December but it can be months between Diary visits, btw usually write after visiting an Escort. I did again last Thursday!

    Re-reading my December frame of mind (or any comment) is interesting and now ten months have passed so here’s THAT December ‘Type of Client’ Comment updated!
    I’ve seen nine Escorts.
    I’m still the nice guy who has no Partner.
    I still desperately want them to like me.
    I don’t want to take HER away basically because after eight visits I’ve never seen her again, long long complicated story!
    Certainly no desire to marry.
    I’ve chilled, am less stressed, ‘go with the flow’ lol and relaxed in their company and all I hope for is to ‘click’.
    I’m now happy when I leave only problem is I’m emotionally bereft for a few days after, I was once warned about liking them to much and it’s true I think the time is coming when I’ll stop……. I’ve said that before haven’t I!!!!!!!!!
    AND I’ve discovered I AM A PUSSY LOVER through and through, I adore going down on a woman it’s all I want to do.

    The reason for the ‘happier mind’ is simple, I’ve found I cannot have sex with an Escort and live with myself afterwards. Soon after fucking her I feel ashamed stupid really but I can never ‘get over’ the KNOWING sex means nothing to them and she’s probably hated me ‘humping gasping climaxing’ on top of her, it always felt wrong! I once visited a bored Escort and after the orgasm in missionary position she curtly says in monotone matter of fact annoyed tone “HAVE YOU FINISHED YET!” and ever since then I’ve known Escorts hate middle aged men fucking them btw that’s absolutely fine.

    So now (as I’ve written) I go to admire touch and ‘worship’ an Escorts body and it’s wonderful (too good!) There’s NO kissing, she DOESN’T perform oral on me and there’s NO sex whatsoever. Without being indiscreet I met this mature Lady last Thursday, I introduced and she was taken aback when I said ‘no sex no oral’ only that ‘I’m single and want to be with a naked woman’ and lol she gave me a hug! She’d have got the booking sussed there and then!

    So I gave her a back rub which she enjoyed and then asked if I could give her oral and lol she seemed delighted, in fact two others said yes and the ‘eight’ was so eager to get into position that it tickled. So on Thursday I knelt at the end of the bed, she lay back legs apart, I stroked touched licked and it was lovely and absolutely fascinating watching her body move. Like the others her forearm lay across her face her eyes closed her breathing quickening and her tummy moving up and down, lol was she being nice and boosting my ego? But something startled me, for the next five minutes she said “oh yes” pause “oh yes” over and over again with an “oh yes there” when my tongue touched something! There was no ‘When Harry Met Sally’ animated orgasm NO only this totally emotionless flat voice that just kept saying “oh yes”. I stopped to ask something and she said “don’t stop” and so this went on for five minutes, absolutely fascinating. So afterwards? I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said “yes” also saying “can’t be bothered with faking, either I like it or I don’t” like I said I love it the taste and smell of pussy is the strangest thing. She was washed and clean but something in that taste makes my tongue go numb and to cut a long story short I adore devouring pussy, the taste the watching her and importantly knowing she’s happy. Of course the irony isn’t lost on me these women must be thinking ‘and he’s paying ME to do this’…….moving on the rest of the booking was a dream, we talked politics art man-on-the moon wikileaks you name it and parted on very good terms though I noticed she visibly cooled!

    Lol just wanted you to know, maybe back in a month or two or maybe stop and find a GF!

    A post script: As for ‘diseases?’ it’s only afterwards that I consider what the ‘experts’ say about unprotected oral but interestingly it doesn’t bother me in the slightest ‘who and what sort of man’ was there before me, not in the slightest though I am going to have a throat swab at a GUM Clinic, last time I had a course of Hepatitis B injections which was uncalled for and not needed and totally over the top! Btw I’m not showing off, I know I’m a bit of a lonely loser who spends money that could do good in the world instead of using it on carnal pleasures and giving half to the brothel owners!

    • Andrew

      I apologise for how the last paragraph sounds, everything was fine I knew it would be, as you and a female doctor said Escorts look after their sexual health. You could put it another way of course, std’s are the fault of unhealthy Clients……. I went for honest reasons not to be judgmental.

  22. Andrew

    My first Escort and I were standing in the hallway of her London Flat, I was getting ready to leave all covered up ready for the cold March wind and she was by the door wearing a flowing white silk bathrobe her hand on the door latch ready to open it. Then just after after a kiss on my cheek she said something I’ll never forget “there are lots of good prozzies out there but mind you don’t go likeing them too much”. Prophetic words of sorts, she had been very kind to me and the warning was delivered with such a stern knowing look that I’ve never forgotten it. I like to think she knew what could happen next and warned me first, but we never met again and it would have been nice to see her because I’ve some stories that would make her smile, or lol did she have an idea of what would happen next, incidentally she’s now retired.
    Wise words and after one year, eighteen bookings and seven young women later I can see what she meant, this Escorting business can be as addictive as any drug, I am certain of that and how do you ‘fix’ the need for another sexual high? Just get on the net, buy another female body and use it however you wish with her permission, the sky’s the limit for sexual perversions. The trouble is and take it from me, sexual services on their own are NOT enough, sex means not a thing without intimacy and I’ve never been more convinced of a fact. With my first escort we did everything but there was intimacy and maybe she enjoyed giving herself to a virgin so making the visit special. Looking back she took the initiative for the whole one and a half hours and in retrospect I reckon she must have been physically knackered afterwards. However fifteen months later, forget the sex ‘the emotional conection’ is all that matters the cuddling the chatting HR are all I wish for from an escort, with the the lady I’ve been seeing recently, I don’t enjoy sex and can’t physically cum inside her to the point intercourse never happens, in truth I just adore her lying on top of me her knees either side of my stomach whilst I massage her back and it’s heaven when she masturbates me, why hobbyists exist I have no idea I’ve read their Feedback and it’s horrifying how much these men see the Prostitute as an object to use.
    But of course you have to be very lucky to find that special Escort and take it from me intimacy creates it’s own problems, the more times I see her the more we become friends, the better it gets the more I miss her when I leave and I don’t mean love! I’m not so stupid as to think we’re in love, she’s probably as nice to the man straight after me as the one straight before, however I believe you can become friends with an Escort she’s only human after all. I really do envy the man who can visit a favourite Escort he’s a connection with, have a fun booking and then is able to leave with a smile on his face and not a care in the world, perhaps you have to be a happily married man for this to happen. I am not married btw.
    So what’s to do? I may have done something that I will come to regret soon because after my last visit I sent a text explaining how I feel ‘down’ after leaving and that I don’t think missing her is good for me. What’s so frustrating is the obvious fact that I am NOT someone who can just walk away til next time, I want the best of both worlds the fantasy and real woman, trouble is if I saw the real Escort within then she may not be the woman I thought her to be, in fact I often wonder what kind woman I would find, how many men wonder this? Perhaps some people are born too emotionally needy or perhaps as I said you have to be happily married to really enjoy escorts, you know, have all that love connection and intimacy with the partner at home and have sexual gymnastics with the skilled sex worker in the candlelit boudoir, both of best worlds, as for me I think I’m probably hard work for an Escort, emotionally needy men must be mentally physically draining.

    • charles

      you know dude,I’m in the same predicament. just love to sit there and talk with her and rub her body and look at her…infatuation…is there a deep seeded reason to care for her???

      • Andrew

        re. ‘is there a deep seated reason to care for her???’

        Interesting observation isn’t it, there’s this saying ‘name the three most beautiful living mammals? Answer a running horse, sleeping baby and naked woman’, lol a persons order may vary but there are none better! A naked man looks a bloody mess and with ‘bits stuck on below his waist’ looks ridiculous, but a naked woman is different, she’s completely in proportion shapely beautiful and lying next to her just gazing is better than sex, I’m not lying we don’t bother. However this vision creates a problem if she offers no tenderness affection back (why should she?) then the booking is an upsetting painful disaster, luckily it’s only happened sort of twice, but with all Escorts deep down I realise I’m soon forgotten.

        That’s me, as for Escorts I adore these young women I’ve never met an unkind deceitful girl (one was a bit unfair it angered but soon passed) as for care, liking them is a kind of ‘caring for them’ and remember I don’t feel sorry or pity Escorts, the problem is me, I don’t care she’s a ‘hooker’ what I can’t handle is not being with her you know their personalities humour femininity sweet natures hoping she enjoys oral,,,,,, it’s not fair lol!

        If you’re single like me, lying in bed alone at night not being with these visions of loveliness is hard to live with (I’m always over-dramatic on days like these), no lying, I miss them terribly. A lasting memory is they wear no perfume, scent or soap and the smell of a bathed woman is gorgeous, I will never forget the smell. I could go on and on but there are not enough adjectives to explain beauty inner and outer. Trolls will read this and say ‘sad man, fuck her and leave her cause she hates you’ not true these women give too much in return, their performance is appearing the center of my world for an hour, can’t handle it anymore.

        Like I’ve said before, I return to this blog when I’ve seen an Escort, well for the very first time this morning I cancelled my booking texted and said I was ill. It was to see a girl I’d never visited before at my usual establishment but it was a blind booking she didn’t show her face in the photos. I trust the owners I bet she was stunning.

        The reason I didn’t go was fear, fear that I’d be alone naked, middle aged man and a twenty-something beauty and for the first time ever I thought what if we didn’t connect and I could see she didn’t like me? I expect I would be client 3 or 4 for the day but she’d probably have been a real honey. The fear now is I just cannot bear the thought an Escort and me wouldn’t hit it off so as of today I think this may be the end. Funny how I came across this guys reply!

      • Charles

        I’ve really come to regret feeling this way about a hooker. I can visit different ones and don’t come close to feeling connected as I do with this one.. Funny part is before even meeting her, I saw her and my first thought was “oh, you’re going to break my heart pretty”.. Then after getting to know her and some of her history, good and bad, we have similar emotional scars. She doesn’t know some of them as I haven’t shared with her those similar scars… She’s opened up and I’m a sicker for it. Definitely haven’t met a woman like her here where I live. Is it a self fulfilling prophecy?

  23. Billy

    I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it has been to find and read your blog. I am a graduate student of Indian descent born and bred in Canada. I’ve always believed strongly in the empowerment of women, and in the condition of systemic inequality that exists in the realms of sex, race, religion, class (anything, really – you name it) in our society.
    Lately, I have been thinking very seriously about taking up work as an escort, and am in the process of trying to figure out a way about it. It has been a challenge, and there are a million things that I don’t know, but I will insist on doing this all on my own terms, even if it does take much more time.
    I’ve already encountered a great deal of judgement in my pursuit of this way of life – surprisingly, from people within the sex industry already. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience and thoughts here – it has helped me so much to know that somewhere out there is another woman who values and respects herself, leads a sex-positive life, takes ownership of her own body, and at the end of the day, still reflects on what it all means.
    I will be following any developments coming up on your website and sincerely wish you all the best in your future.
    Thank you again.

  24. Thompson

    Dear writer,
    I appreciate your descriptions on types of clients:
    I consider myself as respectful client because I always ask their opinions if I do something wrong, the 1st time I gave 15% of tips 2nd time was 35% of tips to these escort girls cause I couldn’t give much as still being a 21-year-old student.
    I’m ”pussy lover” as well, but at this stage im still ”nice guy”, I always ask her opinion: ”is the clit here”? and so on.
    So my questions are:
    A)Does escorts like to be ”going down” by clients WITH PROTECTION(the case I self-made dental dam from condom and did it).
    B)Does ordinary escorts girls MUST follow the time constraint of giving service? (The escort girl seemed frustrated, because of time limited? She said ”enough”- im not sure whether it was due to appointment time restriction or i didn’t do well on licking it.)
    C)Let’s assume if I went down on her WITHOUT PROTECTION but only using tongue but no lips-contact-genital, considering I have no open shores/cut on my lips/mouth..could I possibly get STD from it?
    Thanks for seeing and answering.

    • escortdiary

      Thanks for commenting.
      Your comment expresses a deep concern for STD’s, which is wise. Interestingly, a lot of clients have no quarrels about “going down” on a woman if they feel she’s clean. As for escorts, I cannot answer for all, because every escort has her own feelings towards this. I knew of escorts who said don’t like getting oral at all — probably because they don’t know how enjoyable it can be or they don’t get many clients requesting it. There are other escorts, like myself, who’s restrictions depended on the particular client and the scenario. I am in the minority of escorts who does welcome pleasure from decent men. As long as the client is truly lovely, impeccably hygienic and talented, a small minority of escorts have no quarrels about getting oral without protection. Is it risky? Anything can be risky, but I’d say the risk is very small.

      If giving oral is what you really desire this, I suggest trying to find a lady who is very selective with her clients, as it likely indicates that she cares about her health and is more open to being pleasured.

  25. Brian Griffin

    Thank you for the outstanding insight into your work.
    I am in my late 40s and have never been with a prostitute. I was very athletic until I got married about five years ago and since then have traded biking, running and swimming for a job that pays very well but is consuming and has added inches to my waistline. Before marriage I dated a number of wonderful women monogamously over the years. Now I only sleep with my wonderful wife.
    I don’t want anyone other than my spouse emotionally. We have the best love life possible – she is the only woman for me. Physically, on the other hand, I have intense desires to be with other women (it’s bizarre just how much I still fantasize about finding someone with a great personality and a nice body to explore intimately).
    Over the past six to nine months I’ve been considering engaging an escort. I would never have a traditional affair since any sort of romantic attachment would be unwelcome, but the thought of paying someone to fool around NSA is compelling. Sugar-relationships are not of interest for obvious reasons.
    Part of me is thinking about it seriously. In fact, it would almost be enough to sit clothed on a bed and gently explore a strange woman’s body without sex, though I know myself well enough to know that I would find it difficult to walk away once the blood had rushed from my cerebrum to my glans.
    I clearly remember how meaningless sex without emotion was for me when I was younger. I’m guessing that visiting an escort will strike me as hollow and then will leave I will feel guilty. But part of me thinks I’m wrong; and that by accepting professional sexual release I can have an occasional treat when I’m out of town. Not sure what to do.

    • jsmith

      Brian, I presume that you have made your choice and I would actually like to here about it.

      I started doing this for the same reason you write about above. I’ve been married 15 years. My wife is absolutely gorgeous and I love her. But I just wanted to experience different bodies and reactions (I can also identify with Robert de Brus when he says this is therapy–for me, I am working out 10 or 15 years of repressed fantasies–hopefully to eventually and safely find satiation) .

      So, I went to a strip club for the first time in 10 or 15 years at that time and found that I really didn’t just want to look at a body and feel her moving against me. Aside from it being rather unfulfilling and sexually frustrating, I think strip clubs are SO much more exploitative and deceptive than escorting (on both sides).

      So, a few years ago, I looked up three women in a week on backpage–a skinny white girl, a skinny black girl, and another white girl with baby fat. I so enjoyed having sex with other bodies again. Then I realized that I did not like the “professionals” as escortdiary calls them–the women who are a little too good at their “jobs” and whose personality changes can be as jarring as theater lights coming on to fast after a good movie. So, I kind of let the escort stuff go dormant for a good long while (seeing a provider maybe once a year for five years).

      Then I discovered Erotic Forums and the GFE experience. Totally awesome! This was not about enjoying having sex with other bodies so much as it was about making love to different personalities. I loved the full service menu and the connection and intimacy. These are perfect experiences and just what I wanted.

      But then I come across a woman who was a 10/10 for me. Best experience ever. I e-mailed for another rendezvous a couple of times. She didn’t answer, stopped updating her schedule, and stopped getting reviews. No big deal. I was happy to think that she moved on to whatever the next phase of her life was to bring. Then, a couple of months later, she e-mails and says she is stopping into town and wants to know if I’m available. We hook up (first time ever to see a provider a second time). We go our separate ways. Now I have spent more time thinking of her than a high school sweetheart. So, I e-mail to set up another visit. She hasn’t answered for a week.

      Now, like Andrew, while I may have wanted to give my life for my high school sweat heart, I realize that this is just a reaction to an experience that allows me to openly engage in my hidden proclivities AND now with a person whose opinion I have started to value. That’s my current formula for the creation sensations of falling in love. And because I am a generally empathetic and polite person as well as a person who would be mortified if anyone in my social or professional network found out that I am an ass man through and through in every way, I left with a very fun and entertaining illusion that is often referred to as falling in love or being infatuated. The way I’m describing this to myself right now is that I’m having fun playing with my emotions (sort of like staying on the very edge of orgasm for a prolonged period of time). It really is all a game that I’m playing with myself. I have no intention of ever revealing these things to this provider if she ever gets in touch with me again.

      Here is the dangerous part in my view. I started out just wanting to see and touch a beautiful girls body. But this left me wanting a full service experience which would leave me physically satiated. Then I wanted the psychological satiation. Now I’m so enjoying this feeling of infatuation knowing very well that it passes in a couple of weeks or a month if there is no interpersonal communication.

      However, I can already tell that I have this desire in the back of my head that wants to more than feel infatuated with someone. I’m kind of wanting someone to be infatuated with me in return. It’s one of those things that I don’t want right now, but can tell I’m about to want it (and about could be a month from now or five years from now). It’s a bit like window shopping. You know you don’t need a new whatever and know that you are not going to buy a new whatever. But you also, at some point, know that you are eventually going give in to the urge to buy that new whatever.

      I used to say that I was paying for discretion rather than paying for sex. Now, I wonder if I’m not paying for a woman to have the professional discipline to cut me off if I become too deeply enamored with her. I really do not know what I would do if a provider learned that I was infatuated with her and told me that she felt the same way. I fear that it could be detrimental to my long term happiness–and yet, probably even more dangerously, I feel that I am capable of controlling these types of emotions and, since there would be another persons emotions involved, that I’m capable of controlling the situation in general. But I do have enough experience to know that I’m playing a dangerous game.

      I really do feel a bit like a junkie who knows that he is going to one day overdose, but is powerless to stop seeing how much he can take without going over the edge.

      Very nice blog by the way! I find it refreshing to read your very well written, thought provoking, and very candid remarks on the world of escorting. You have obviously done a lot of introspection and have a very clear command of the emotional aspect of this lifestyle.

  26. Andrew

    I’ve just been reading your replies “Her body is connected to her mind and soul — she’s not an object” oh **** I’ve rationalized this new relationship to clear my own conscience haven’t I. What I ask of these young women is just not right is it? Can it ever be?

    • Brian Griffin

      It seems like we are the same age. I hope the experiences you have had recently have been positive for you and continue to make you happy. Sex can be cool. I don’t understand why prostitution is illegal or is considered immoral by some.
      If I may offer a snippet of advice: The women you are with are who they are. They may love or hate their jobs. They may dream of being swept away by somebody or not (being “swept away” is more about fantasy than reality). The problem you have is that you are intimate with these women. In normal life, intimacy usually comes after interest, attraction and a few other pre-dating processes. It seems that if you haven’t been through those processes end to end with non-sex workers then it might be difficult to judge how she is (or is not) feeling about her and very difficult for you to accurately assess that about her.
      There is nothing wrong with what you are doing and I hope you are having fun with the escorts you are seeing. It’s just that in that context it’s highly unlikely that you will know how she feels about you unless she has (for some inexplicable reason) chosen to be, not just honest, but exceptionally forthcoming with you. Just be forthright, listen and ask good questions before emotionally extending yourself beyond the real relationship at hand (which may just be an exchange of time, tenderness and titillation for green). Also please consider that anything you have to offer to the woman you are sexually involved with should apply equally well to non-escorts as well so you might consider exploring other avenues in your dating efforts.

  27. Dear Sahar,
    you wrote:
    “In reality, most of my regular clients are seeking passionate love-making, endless conversation, cuddling, making me orgasm……..which sounds great, but honestly it’s a lot of work to get so intimate with someone I don’t love.”
    Er… Except for making you orgasm, those expectations seem reasonable for a client. I would say that if you can’t be — or simulate being — passionate, affectionate and a good conversationalist, then you are not cut for this job. I can see that you would prefer to deal with easy-going clients only, but like any other business, they are not the majority.
    Also, I will add that a client being easy-going does not mean that you shouldn’t strive to spice up things a little. Unless you don’t mind losing him to an escort that offers some variety, of course.
    Regarding pussy lovers… Besides the reason that you have analyzed, I have seen that many clients are proud of their (perceived) ability to make any woman orgasm with their oral skills.

    • escortdiary

      This is not a “job” like any other profession where prostitutes are actively CHOOSING to do this work. Ideally, one would HOPE that prostitutes can be passionate women who are well-versed in the art of sensuality. The reality, however, is not the case, because most sex workers are led to this profession for reasons OTHER than expressing their own sensuality.

      It’s important to note your flaw, as many others make, in using the analogy that “prostitution” is comparable to any other job/profession. It is not.

      It seems your perspective views pleasure as a very rational phenomena, whereas I view pleasure as very SUBJECTIVE to each given context.

      • You said “It’s important to note your flaw, as many others make, in using the analogy that “prostitution” is comparable to any other job/profession. It is not.” Would you please elaborate on this? Because I beg to differ. I can’t see any difference compared to other professions where your attitude towards others is critical, like psychologist, teacher, etc. and where, unless you are talented and put an effort, your performance will be mediocre.

        I do agree that pleasure is not “a very rational phenomena”, but clients of escorts are looking for an approximation of it. Just like an actor, that can make it look like she is in deep pain while she doesn’t feel anything. It comes with the job of an actress, and it comes with the job of an escort.

        You may not see it like this, but other escorts do, as far as I can see.

      • escortdiary

        It seems you have internalized the idea that prostitution can be rationalized in a professional sense. Sadly, many escorts also market themselves with these “professional” ethics, which thereby makes the sex industry SEEM comparable to other professions. I see that ethics of ‘professionalism’ ARE being applied to sex workers, which I feel makes the act of sex between clients/escorts MECHANICAL. Professionalism means to standardize their ethics, standardized how their services, their attitudes, etc. When ‘professionalism’ is applied to sex, then the sex becomes STANDARDIZED (mechanical, lacking intimacy). This is problematic on so many scales, because it IGNORES the human quality. Humans are NOT inanimate objects, despite efforts to try to make them that way.

        If you compare the sex industry to other job/professions, you are saying that experiences between clients and escorts are professional. In reality, the experiences between clients and escorts ARE very subjective, they do not follow a script, they are very dependent on context.

        When clients EXPECT professionalism, and escorts SELL professionalism — it’s aiding this idea that SEX can be standardized (which sadly, it is being standardized). But for myself, I loathe the idea of professionalism. My sensuality is not something to be rationalized, or standardized. It’s something that has NO comparison. My body is connected to my mind and soul — I’m not an object. Hope that makes sense.

      • You wrote “But for myself, I loathe the idea of professionalism.” These words of yours summarize the issue: it is your personal perception. I had a similar perception regarding my job. I worked in a technical field where you would never suspect that people are engaged in any other than a “professional” way, yet to me it was exactly that way. Hence, it is about you. Or me.

      • By the way, as far as I can see, people who “ACTIVELY choose” their jobs are in the minority in every field. Most people are just looking for a way to pay their bills.

      • Hillbilly

        Why Yes actually Honey or fellow if you are a guy huh, my 1st time tryin’ to pick up a hooker I got busted by a cop huh it was my savin’ grace Yes I was saved it cost me $500.00 dollars to go “John School in Edmonton Alberta Canada huh , but that was largest “JohnSchool” class the fellow said that they had that whole year 77 people HUH you wanna talk UGLY mother f@ckers waaa halloweens not even that scary sheesh huh hyuck hyuck lol My Tool Push from my Drillin’ Rig just laughed at me at me when I asked him for some days off so I could go to “John School” huh bouy was that ever funny lol and the funniest thing about this now is my RIG name huh the bouys all called me HILLBILLY cause I moved to this town out here in Alberta and they said only HILLBILLIES come from that place so the bouys all labeled me a HILLBILLY huh . anyways its cheaper to just phone up an Escort because ESCORTS are legal and not goanna get you into any trouble huh thats the best part everyone now .. One things for sure John School is the funniest lookin guys you’ll ever see huh these men are so ugly even the family dog won’t even play with them huh and the people wearin’ BLURRY LENSED GLASSES are homely as hell you’d think that there parents committed acts of incest to be that that ugly and those boys looked like were kicked in the faces by a MULE HUH lol

  28. Lexington

    Hey, I am a frequent user of escorts when I travel away from my wife of 25 years (I would see 20 escorts per year, sometimes the same girl for 4 or five times). I love the escorts who are cheap and obliging. It is very competitive there so they are “all services” and incredible GFE. I am a big reviewer of the girls on theeroticreview-so you can see my reviews, which are normally complimentary. so I guess I am a “hobbyist” I’ve seen Lance’s thoughts….”whore-whispering”…derived from “horse whispering” I presume from the Hollywood movie with Robert Redford. I must say Escortdiary, I would like to see you discuss his views with you. Is there any chance of some sort of recorded discussion? Or a situation where you ask and answer each other 10 questions? I think it would be enlightening. I think I do fall into Lance’s description of being a “whore-whisperer”. I love your blog. You are cool. Lexington69

    • escortdiary

      I cannot understand how you, as a ‘whore whisperer,’ would love my blog. I find this mentality extremely disturbing and very unfortunate. I find “hobbyist” men like yourself have a commonality: failure at connecting with women at a meaningful level, whom thereby resort to degrading tactics to make the experience more fulfilling (in a very soul-less manner).

  29. Lance I want to date Escortdiary

    Dear Escortdiary,

    I respect your experience as a prostitute and the effort you put into this site. I was pointing out my opinion of some misconceptions on your part:

    1. there are “whore-whisperers” who play a game just like you. they want to be liked by you for reasons of ego primarily. we know that it is more difficult to befriend a whore compared to a normal lady . so it is a challenge to making a working girl like us. and yes, I am a whore-whisperer.
    2. being unfaithful is exactly that. if a man does something and his partner does not know about it, he is being unfaithful, irrespective of whether his partner is cold or an invalid
    3.Arabs are sexually frustrated, and can be superb gentlemen who are generous to whores
    4. the sex industry is fucked up and unethical. in the Uk for example, where it is illegal to live from the earnings of a whore, all the agency ladies pay between 30-50% of their non-tip standard fee money to the agency. why is this not illegal? there a sex slaves in London. ladies are told they need to work off debts incurred by the agency to get the girl, eg to a broker in Eastern Europe who has the rights to that jurisdiction
    5. a good read is “the Natasha’s”, about the global sex industry
    6. I have taken the time to understand whores and their plight. often they are lazy and/ or mentally ill and incapable of working normally and the only thing they can do to eat is to whore. It is often that simple, and of course I try and understand their plight.

    I would like to discuss my views with you. I will pay your standard rate of course. you have my email address.

    quick analysis of Andrew: why no sex until 47? very unusual.

    whores can hate having a strange old man (you are 47, they are often 20-thus you are a dirty old man to them, probably with skinny arms, soft tummy and bad teeth and shocking breath) licking and fingering their private parts. they just want you to fuck them quickly, cum and groan like the dirty old fart you are, tip, and leave. they don’t want to be licked by you. they’d prefer to suck you than be licked by you. starting to understand.? they don’t want to be saved by some old man with bad breath. pay the money, quickly have sex, talk, do not cuddle or kiss and leave. then you’ll be popular.



    • @Lance

    • escortdiary

      What you wrote only gives more evidence that you are an extremely unintelligent, heartless person. No amount of money would ever make me want to converse with you. Nevertheless, your posts shows the disturbing mentalities that can exist among clientele.

      • nkdwhtguy

        I joined an escort dating site about 6 months ago, after going 4 years without sex. My wife had become ill and no longer can enjoy sex. I met several nice women and enjoyed being with them. But I left this escort site exactly because of men like Lance, who were misogynists. Most of the guys were pretty decent but the handful that talked shit behind the escorts’ backs pissed me off so much that I could no longer stand to see these comments. I quit the site, not because of the women, but because of these egotistical bastards like Lance. There’s no better description other than these men are pigs. I was also disillusioned by the women who allowed themselves to be treated disrespectfully. And Lance, you are in no position to judge what is right and wrong in a relationship, until you’ve been in my situation.

      • escortdiary


        Very true. Escort forums and review boards are cesspools for misogynist men who blame women for their shortcomings. Wise men do not use those sites, like yourself.

        Thank you for sharing

    • Robert De Brus

      @ Lance,

      Well, im none of that you pompous prick. I would love to smash your jaw for being such a disrespectful narrow minded fuck. They are not ALL LIKE THAT.

    • Fred

      Lance is King of Assholes !

    • JC

      You’re a disgrace Lance. Even the fact you use the “w” word shows you know nothing about SW’s or the industry. People like you are responsible for the perpetuation of stigmatisation against people working in the industry. #RightsNotRescue #NothingAboutThemWithoutThem

  30. Andrew

    I lost my virginity at 47 to an escort this March 2nd and since then have seen 7 very different young women in London. I could write pages and pages about my experiences but I won’t! I have to say I found this blog fascinating and I’ll tell you which I fall into. I am the nice guy who has no partner and is new to sex with a woman. I am the guy who needs them to like me and with the adorable escort I see now? I’d basically like to take her away from her life of back to back clients because she’s seems such a dejected weary and sad young woman. I don’t want to marry her or intend to fall in love but just help her find a better life. I also fall into the category of pussy lover but only so as to give her pleasure, I’ve also asked her to not give OWO because that makes me ashamed at myself for letting her do it. So there you go I’m happy just to lie next to her stroking her body because for 46 years I’ve yearned to do that. However reading your blog I’m probably her nightmare client. I look at her profile on Adultwork and see that she works 2 days a week in call for the last 5 years, so it’s a life choice that suits her. Do you think me in her life makes it better or worse for her? If you get what I mean.

  31. Lance

    and on the topic of being unfaithful to one’s spouse:

    in any situation where there is physical contact with someone other than the person in the relationship it is being unfaithful. lets not lie to ourselves. when you are faithful to someone you must be able to share every experience with them. so unless the John takes his partner to visit the hooker he is being unfaithful.so please let us not make excuses for our behavior. when we have sex with a hooker we are being unfaithful, breaking our commitment and are not able to exercise self control.

  32. Lance

    hey, and all this nonsense about Arabs and escorts. they are sexually frustrated, poor guys, as they are not permitted pre marital sex. if they have money they are generous to hookers. but please rest assured they genuinely dislike hookers. they know they cannot marry you and that you GFE act. they believe you are below them and below the good Arab girls they will marry. they are proficient whore whisperers.

  33. Lance

    Babe, you are kidding yourself. Men that I know that use hookers dislike them. many play the game – respectful, pay and tip. but they really dislike you. they request the GFE. the more intimate the better. deep French kissing often during the appointment. missionary position with lots of kissing. some oral, even going down on the hookers pussy. always being super complimentary, and asking about next time, tentatively suggesting that they wish to become regulars. and the hookers believing that. (let’s face it not too many hookers are particularly intelligent-ask them about their academic achievements at school- they often think they are savy, but they are not bright). my friends call it “whore whispering”-getting the hooker to like you. often the hooker will be told the man is single or not looking for the complication of the singles scene as they find it “too dishonest”. anyway, most men dislike hookers because, although they may be lonely, they know the GFE is an act and that the hooker will never like them that way. which makes it all the more frustrating for the man. he even dislikes her more if she is sub standard as he is going through his whore whispering for someone he would not date. men often know the hookers are dirty. French kissing a hooker who openly gives OWO. we do it and don’t like ourselves for it. Often we will ask the hooker for a date , “as we are single”-BS. and often she will agree. pitiful and makes us dislike you more because we know that you are just saying yes hoping for a paid date. so does that help your analysis?

    • escortdiary

      What you wrote only proves your that your assumptions and viewpoint are unintelligible, heartless and completely misleading. It’s funny that you say ‘hookers’ are not intelligent, which only proves your lack of true intellect (viewing the world so narrowly). Please do not refer to “we” when you speak about men and clients, because your pathetic views DO NOT represent clients/men. Instead, you represent a small clique of people who are heartless, immature and extremely empty.

      According to your narrow view, you’ve concluded that MEN dislike ‘hookers.’ You’ve also concluded that all ‘hookers’ are acting with their services, are dirty, are naive to idiots like yourself, etc. Your mentality proves that you completely disregard WHY women are selling themselves and ignoring the circumstances they face within society. You’ve based your assumptions (very incorrect assumptions) on your own narrow group of male friends (who share the same IGNORANT mentality as you) I am certain any man with a sense of compassion would be disgusted and appalled by you and your peers usage of “whore whispering.” From what you’ve told me, it sounds like you’ve grouped yourself with a bunch of immature, ignorant and shallow men who probably FAIL miserably at connecting with women on a meaningful level.

      • Robert de Brus

        I happen to agree with you dear. I have had many good experiences with providers, as I am divorced and near 50. The days of me picking up a beautiful, young nubile women are slipping away, and I really want passion, intimacy, DFK during intercourse, and always want to please the woman first. I am a “pussy lover” in which it drives me nuts to see her pleasure. I had a young Russian girl, beautiful, but it was mechanical and not much passion. I didn’t make her feel good, only the gift she got from me. That night I was sobbing like a boy over it. I hope to see her again, and it WILL be different. I hope. Cannot make her kiss me, but its that one act that arouses me most. Kissing on the mouth is most personal, maybe I was not her type? Natalya. Oh my, I think of her still. What category do I fit into? Thank you for being so honest, and helping a lonely man . Its not a hobby for me-its therapy. Robert De Brus.

    • Robert de Brus


      That is pretty crass and soulless. Those “hookers” you talk of provide a service. Respect them and maybe they will respect you?

  34. John

    Wow, this is so descriptive and well-thought-out! I can soooooooooo recognize many of these from among those on the escort board I read.

    Without saying my category, I actually very much liked your description of ‘us’.

  35. Matthew (Smiler)

    “The nice guy who is married”
    Is it really cheating if there is no sex in a marriage? Is it normal for the wife to expect the husband to live without?
    Who’s to blame? Wife or husband?
    It’s easy to judge, but without all of the facts it is not a good exercise to carry out.
    As for the perfect husband, wife, person, as if. We all have faults. Without them I don’t think we would be human.

    • escortdiary

      Rather than blame husband or wife, I think one needs to understand how these ‘norms’ of monogamy and love in marriage have been constructed in modern society.

  36. Can you give an estimate on how many Saudi (or khaleeji) clients have you seen in the past?

    I know many of them are big on night and strip clubs, yet the majority aren’t, or at least that’s the case where I was. If they did they still didn’t talk about the strip clubs, not to mention the escorts.

    In my experience it was a terrible single life over there especially the silence in the weekends where you know everyone is having fun except you because you don’t drink or meet girls, or let that be known about you. It was impossible to study with that thought.

    But I believe birds of like feather will flock together.. Even without each other’s knowledge.

    • escortdiary

      I think a lot of Khaleeji students experienced what you mentioned as your own experience “a terrible single life”, even the more ‘social’ ones. Being ‘social’ and living an active life in the West can be very unfulfilling. People think they have exciting lives because they have many friends or are constantly doing ‘exciting’ things, yet they could still feel empty inside.

      I’ve seen the type you mentioned (ones who party and chase girls) and equally I’ve seen khaleeji men whom are more serious, traditional, and/or introverted. I certainly prefer the serious types, as they are more likely to be mature. Most of the khaleeji guys I encountered are looking for a meaningful relationship, rather than having multiple meaningless encounters.

      • I know what you mean by social and empty.

        I had my own gang and girlfriend but I still did it. It wasn’t because of loneliness or unfulfillment (maybe that’s when I first started thinking about it). I was leaving the US and I needed a thrill before going home.

        It’s ok if you don’t wanna say how many. 🙂

  37. K

    I have to add the ,,broke student” category,who doesn`t want to pay the price he has to and then he`s finished in 10 Minutes and leaves in a hurry,because he is embraced. I live in a town full of students and I`ve had ca. 10 clients like this. It`s not bad,because it`s 10 Minutes,but I hate to argue about money…

    And about old or fat men: I can`t do that. I`ve tried,but then I puked for an hour and I couldn`t touch an other men for weeks.
    That was a great lesson. Since then I meet only with guys who are not older than 35 and have a normal or great body. It sounds really hypocritical,but I have my standards. I give my best and they appreciate that. They also appreciate the fact that I`m not seeing a lot of other guys. I have a client,who pays me 2-3x more money,just to keep me from other men,because he doesn`t want to see me hurt because of a perverse creep….

    Anyway I prefer clients who are willing to meet me once a week or twice a month. It works well,I know them well,we get along great and the sex is getting better and better. At the end,sex is built on trust and that doesn`t come easily…

    • escortdiary

      That’s sounds terrible, and I’m sorry to hear that. Personally, I have not experienced what you mentioned, as I would refuse to see men whom are trying to negotiate my price or seek a ‘quickie.’ It’s so sad to see that sex work has increasingly been degraded. Our experiences seem very different, so it seems clear that different escorts and different contexts (places) determine what sort of clients they have.

      Ideally, for all women, it’s best if you can see only clients whom you can potentially enjoy, and of course have decent regulars. Good luck and be safe.

  38. escortdiary


    Thank you for expressing your interest in my blog. I would be happy to comment, but I ask that you cite my blog if you make reference to any of my writings.

    I have to say ‘no’ to a lot of clients who are interested in establishing a closer connection, such as going out together in public, dating, friendship, etc. The obvious reason is they are not my type, and I’m not interested in getting personal. But of course, I cannot tell them this so bluntly. What I tell them is: “I’m not comfortable meeting you outside,” or “To be honest, you’re nice but I am not interested in any relation outside of a business relationship.” Clients, of course, are willing to pay for dinner-dates and dating too, but I remind them that “I’m not comfortable” with getting that personal.

    If they are actively seeking a relationship (which some clients are), then I tell them bluntly: if you are looking for love, then I don’t recommend trying to find love with an escort. I make it clear that I enjoy their company, but money is my objective.

    Hope that helps,


    • simi69

      Dear Escort
      I like the truthfulness in your writing and this reply of yours is so truthful. Is it possible to get over the natural attraction i have as a man towards sexy females

  39. tannie

    Hi ! I am a film student in Cape Town , South Africa . What lead me to your blog was actually a film we are making in one month’s time and it’s about an escort. I’m making my way through your blog and thank you very much for a brilliant blog I can really feel honesty in your writing. a question I’d like to ask is , how do you say No when the divorced man asked for your number ? because ironically we have exactly such a character and client in our film and that is an entire scene as well ! thank you very much again for great read!

  40. Castaway_2b

    What category would you put a client who is married but his wife can no longer have sex (i.e. because of an accident, terminal illness, etc).

    • escortdiary

      You bring up a great point. I have mentioned clients with such circumstances in other posts. Indeed a lot of married men come to escorts simply because their significant other is unable to have sex. A lot of these men are quite lovely as clients.

  41. escortdiary

    Thanks for your comment 🙂

    Yes, there are other types of men indeed. A lot of handsome men visit escorts, and they can easily get other women. As one of these clients told me, “It’s a new experience, and it’s much less complicated than meeting a woman elsewhere for the purpose of sex.”

    • Ivan


      Yes its a new experience but it turns out that i knew a couple more tricks :p, but at the end of the day i cant do it and this is where i disagree with your client, to me the most exciting, fun and challenging part of a relationship is “the conquer” getting to know a woman is extremely fun, so having sex with an escort is definitely something im not planning in my future.

      And i have above average looks but at a young age i realized that this was not helping as much as i wanted, most important thing for a woman is how you make her feel and your personality… This is why i told you that with the saudi from Starbucks you need to act with confidence.

      And again congrats you seem like you can read ppl very well honestly when you were describing this type of guys i saw a couple of ppl i know in those descriptions, hehe i wonder if you can read someone like me i dont have fetishes but i tend to dominate women a lil bit, pulling her hair or biting her neck and btw i must confess i was annoyed when i read what your ex used to do to you, kissing and licking every part of your body for long periods of time avoiding the nipples and the vulva is MY strategy lol i need to get a patent.

      wow that was a long post haha well i hope you like to read.

      Take care my friend and stay safe.

    • Cis

      Let’s be honest. A lot of us will pay just so that the woman leaves… We can get sex anywhere else…

  42. Ivan

    This is probably one of the most interesting posts you have written, i can read people too but lol it was cause i studied human behavior and i have a sixth sense for ppl but it looks like your “job” and the exp has made you colder and you see clients as “robots” i mean i understand and im not judging you but is what you need to do to survive.

    Let me add you another type of client who is not on your list, the one who did it to know how it feels, and has no problems getting women but at the end of the whole exp was ok but he felt guilty lol that would be me, honestly i felt used haha and then i found out how you and other women tend to feel with this type of life, and btw the escort kept calling me for 6 months, i have her on my phone as…. “DO NOT ANSWER!!!”

    And another thing, it looks like your depression is gone… so let me tell you something about the Sheik, i have been through something similar not with a escort but with a stripper (met her my classroom), i don’t know him so take this with a grain of salt, I think he deeply loves you, in a obsessive way but when i read in a previous post that he was against women voting in Saudi Arabia, it made me think that he is a conservative mind, so his ideal mate is a virgin who reads the quran 50 times a day, and why? cause that’s how all his life he has been taught to think.
    Honestly leave him, while you are strong enough, you seem like you are in love with this guy so this might hurt you but is for the best, in the future you are going to see this as a good decision.

    Good Luck and stay safe.

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