It’s out of my control..

I am in love. Yet I’m ill-prepared. My whole world is a mess….all because of these feelings. I wish I wasn’t in love, but I can’t control it. I fear the things that come along with it….I’m not ready.

My A-average will definitely take a plunge this semester…….because of this thing called love. I can’t concentrate on anything, but the moments…

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  1. Anonymous

    Ayounie, I have been reading your posts the whole afternoon, and came to a conclusion that THIS IS ME right now. This is MY situation right now, except that I am not an escort. I really do not care what your occupation is. All that matters is that our SOULS are in the same Heaven/Hell-shoes. Ahhh, my heart is crying out for you and for myself. I am lost too. But trying very hard to not drop out of graduate school….
    With much love and wishes of strengths for you dear.

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