Escorting leads to Same-Sex Exploration?

I am a woman who appreciates beautiful women. I am, however, picky. I admire feminine women who have high morals, very simple, humble, genuine, intelligent, cultured, artistic, and natural feminine features. I have traveled, thankfully, to many parts of the world, and I realized some of the most beautiful women are cultured ones who retain their simple, natural femininity. The brainless, cosmetically altered women considered beautiful, here in the West, has no appeal to me, however.

Initially, women never appealed to me in a sexual way. However, once I was fully acquainted with the escort world, I started to become more open in my sexuality. My preference is strongly for men only, but I do admit that I have a deep attraction to a minority of women occasionally.

My interest actually started when I encountered women who acted playful with me. My big natural boobs were always a subject of fascination among escorts in the brothel, as I was usually the only lady with big naturals. So mild flirtations occurred, where women would playfully grab my breasts or ask to see them. One girl went to the extreme of always groping me and rubbing her face in my boobs as a gesture of greeting. Of course, it was all innocent. Moreover, it’s typical of escorts in a brothel to be touchy with co-workers in a non-sexual way. But then I discovered that some women actually do get more intimate, and it made me curious. The problem is I’m not attracted to ‘working’ girls despite how beautiful some of them were.

The exception was a lady I met while working overseas. We became friends at work (escorting), and were often lost in hours of conversation during the ‘in-between’ periods of clients. She was nearly 10 years older than myself….and I felt, like me, she was not a typical escort by any means. She was educated, well-traveled, and had such an elegant demeanour. She did escorting for short periods. Then with the money earned, she would traveled the world to further her career in relief work. I admired her…and had a slight crush, but it was not sexual. It was more of a friendly affection…

A month ago, I decided to try something.  I fooled around with a woman on my own time. I have played with women before while escorting, but it was not genuine. This time, I tried for my own curiosity. The ‘sex’ part with a woman was interesting, but nothing worthy.  She was a girl who fit my particular tastes..she was exotic. She’s a lovely person, but the whole experience made me realize that my body craves only men. I did enjoy the touching and caresses, but the actual ‘sex’ part with a woman seemed to only make me crave a man’s touch more. She ended up spending the night. In the morning, she started to touch my body in sexual ways ..but it seemed strange. I wasn’t interested. Rather I missed him, my ex.

My ex-fiance and I speak everyday, and I told him about my experience with the lady. He was angry. I always would tell him that I wanted to be with a girl, and he hated the idea. He was fiercely jealous.He said he hates the idea of sharing me with anyone, even a woman.

Would I try it again? Not on my own time, but if being with a girl comes up within the context of my work, I don’t mind. Otherwise, I view lovely women simply as sisters, mothers and friends…



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5 responses to “Escorting leads to Same-Sex Exploration?

  1. escortdiary

    Thanks for commenting.

    In my observations and experience, females clients were always accompanying their male partner (going as a couple to see an escort). I am sure there are rare exceptions where a woman, alone, has visited an escort, but it’s just extremely uncommon and rare.

    I have seen only a few escorts who identify as ‘lesbian.’ They, of course, see male clients, as female clients are almost non-existant.

    I am sure, however, that many escorts wouldn’t mind catering to a female client. I remember a group of escorts and I sat around and discussed this topic. We asked each other, “If a woman came in as a client, would you see her?” Many of us, who identify as straight or slightly bisexual, said, “Yes.”

    • km

      Thank you for your generosity in sharing your essence! May I ask why it was agreed that you would accept a female client? What is the perceived difference in your community between men and women clientele? I am a young female and I identify as gay. Despite being in my mid thirties I have only romantically been with two women because sex has always been an expression of committed, faithful and monogamous love. In my area, I have found in “my community” although I never subscribe to any group of people or dogma that many (not all) women only want to be committed or “married” in what I view as hastily! I’ve had women tell me they love me despite us only interacting for a short time…weeks or less…therefore they don’t know me and conversely I do not know them. Also, I thought expectations were equivalent and they were communicated clearly in that we agreed neither of us wanted commitment. It makes me uncomfortable because how can one love someone when they don’t know their true essence? Since I have experienced two heartbreaks I have vowed not to commit again therefore I sought the companionship of a bisexual female escort because I view her as not having expectations of love and commitment which is my safety net in preventing inevitable heartbreak.
      I have experienced “my community” in my area to be a rather judgmental/cliquish community by virtue of all of the labels forced upon one who identifies as gay. I’ve been told by my own community that I look “too straight”. In a community where one should be able to relate and find solace/support because of the intangible disabilities you so eloquently discussed in another blog, loneliness, hopelessness, seeking approval of family and/society at the expense of oneself, etc…I feel like a puzzle piece that that upon first glance fits perfectly but upon closer scrutiny there is a sliver of light hugging the curve of the rounded edge of that one piece reflecting my perceived imperfection within the social/gender/sexual constructs of “my community”. I comment on it because I don’t need “my community” because I am confident in who I am and what I want; however there are those that do need it because unlike me they do not have such a wonderfully supportive family as I have been blessed with. Ultimately, I thoroughly respect, enjoy and love the companionship of women however the expectations and quickness within which we, women, many times move to be committed is not something right now I comfortable with. I don’t appreciate forced dynamics within any relationship whether it be platonic or romantic because it creates obligations. However, why is it that I am comfortable w a forced dynamic like an escort/client relationship which is fully based on obligations!? I guess the clear construct of the business dynamic lends a sense of safety for me. Low to virtually no emotional risk! I highly value my emotional independence and right now I don’t trust my own heart to discern and then love the right woman who can reciprocate the pure intentions/heart I have to offer her, despite all of my imperfections! 🙂 Hence, I am that very rare solo female client without expectations. Thank you for your time.

  2. jane doe

    im absolutely fascinated by your blog entries! Regarding your lesbian co-worker, may I ask whether, like you, she takes only male clients? or does she take female clients as well? if no, does she prefer female clients? are they any different?

    thank you so mich for sharing your insightful thoughts. like many commentors here, I sincerely hope that you would publish =)

  3. Hi, I like this post, because I can relate to a lot you’ve said about women.
    I feel attracted to women, but not in a sexual way.
    More in a visual way. I like to observe their bodies, behaviour and their attitudes.
    I love the way women look. I also have my own ideals of female beauty, demeanor, and elegance, of course.
    And I have to say, I’ve always been more impressed by the appearance of women than the appearance of men (maybe that’s different for you)
    Plus, women are soft (litteraly), and they are vulnerable.
    (I have quite dominant fantasies towards women, yet I respect them.)
    And that’s what attracts me. I enjoy being with women who are strong and vulnerable at the same time.
    But , I won’t love women in the way I love men ( hopefully I will fall in love once). Plus, sex between women doesn’t arouse me.
    I hope you don’t get annoyed by all my sudden comments 😦
    ( I should stop, I know!)

    • escortdiary

      Thanks for sharing that, and I welcome your comments.

      That’s one great thing about being a sex worker: we are exposed to so many forms of sexual expression, which otherwise is hidden in ‘normal’ settings. Therefore, many of us are comfortable with exploring new boundaries.

      My feelings toward women are very similar to yours, except I don’t see women as vulnerable.

      Like you, I was once more impressed by the appearance of women more than men. But then I changed, and I realized all forms (regardless of sex) can be beautiful

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